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The Ultimate Guide to YouTube Influencer Marketing (P1)

March 10, 2021 Posted by Influencer Marketing, Social media marketing 0 thoughts on “The Ultimate Guide to YouTube Influencer Marketing (P1)”

As we witnessed rapid growth in video marketing in 2020, Youtube is more attractive than ever for brands seeking to connect and engage with their online consumers. Influencer marketing has also become a prominent strategy used by many brands to showcase their products and boost sales. According to a study by Jumpshot, influencer marketing conversion rates (2.7%) are five times higher than traditional pre-roll and mid-roll ad conversion rates (0.5%).

However, brands should take note that running influencer campaigns on a video-centric platform like Youtube is unlike running campaigns on social media channels like Facebook and Instagram. Hence, we created a series to provide you with some of the best practices when carrying out influencer marketing campaigns on YouTube! In this first part of our guide to YouTube influencer marketing, we’ll walk you through:

  • Types of YouTube influencer campaigns
  • Examples of successful influencer campaigns on Youtube
  • How to find the right YouTube influencers

Let’s go!

4 types of YouTube influencer campaigns

1. Traditional product placement

Having your products or services featured by YouTube stars in their videos is a common marketing tactic. By collaborating with them to showcase and recommend your products, brands can increase their visibility to potential customers. As Youtube owns a big share of the gaming market, partnering with Gaming Influencers is also a great way to tap into the gaming community.

Do gaming influencers only promote games? Definitely not! Marketers can partner with them to throw in mentions during live streams or host giveaways with them on YouTube too.  You can read more about how brands are partnering with gaming influencers here.

2. Tutorial, How-to videos

Creating tutorials or how-to videos is another great way to educate people about your products. Beauty brands were one of the first to team up with beauty creators and Youtubers to create tutorial videos. However, this type of video content can also be used by brands in other categories. Below is an example of a Youtube influencer showing how she’s been using VLLO to edit aesthetic videos

Ideally, you want to make your video short so you can utilize it by posting on other platforms like Instagram and Facebook! 

3. Unboxing

Unboxing videos are engaging to watch and easy to make. It offers a personal look into new products, from foods to cosmetics to high-tech items. You can partner with influencers in your niche or collaborate with popular unboxing Youtube channels to feature your product. 

4. Short Comedy

Many YouTube influencers gain popularity by coming up with comedy and amusing content. Teaming up with these influencers is a great way to gain traction and create a funny, positive image for your brand.

Let’s take a look at one of the campaigns that swept audiences off their feet by its great sense of humor!

Creative Youtube influencer marketing campaigns

1. Next Games and Lele Pons

In 2017, Next Games created a buzz on social media by partnering with Youtuber star Lele Pons to promote their game “The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land”. In the 4-minute video, Lele and her friends were playing the game when zombies suddenly came to life and wanted to attack them. With its creative idea and a great sense of humor, the video successfully engaged the audience from the beginning till the end, receiving more than 13M views and tons of compliments on social media!

2. Black History Month Campaign

Taking place in February, people in the United States celebrate the achievements and history of African Americans as part of Black History Month. In response to this occasion, the haircare brand Aunt Jackie decided to cultivate people’s interest in black history. 

They partnered with NaturallyCurly to style their hair with the brand’s products while taking a quiz on Black History Month. The engaging video provided interesting knowledge for the audience, allowing the brand to promote its products in a fun and natural way! 

3. Tiki with Vietnamese artist

Starting from May 2019, Tiki, a strong Vietnamese-owned eCommerce platform, launched its influencer campaign “Tiki with Vietnamese artists” which sponsored more than 50 music videos produced by popular Vietnamese singers. Within a year, Tiki’s blue gift boxes and its brand name appeared more than 2 billion times, reaching 300-400 million users. 

According to Tiki’s representative, this campaign is 20 times more effective compared to other regular forms of advertising on Youtube. It helped Tiki’s average access reach over 33 million, ranking 2nd nationwide after Shopee in the second quarter of 2019. While not many brands can run their influencer campaigns on a big scale, sponsoring video production and showing it in a genuine way is also an excellent tactic worth considering.  

You can check out our other blog on Successful eCommerce Influencer Campaigns for more inspiration too!

How to find the right YouTube influencers

Collaborating with famous YouTube stars like Lele Pons or PewDiePie can help promote your brand to a wider audience, but it definitely costs a significant amount of money. That’s why we always recommend brandspartner with local influencers (if you’re a local brand) or a set of micro-influencers to save your budget and maximize your reach to more niche audiences. The question many brands struggle with is: How can I find the right YouTube influencers?

What people often do is to manually search for influencers on Google or Youtube. Googling ‘YouTube influencers’, you will receive a list of top-ranked and expensive influencers in the world. The tip here is to use specific keywords related to your industry such as “Beauty Youtube Influencers” or “Youtube Gaming Influencers in the US” to receive more relevant results.

Yet, those who are familiar with the process will know that it is often tedious and ineffective. Here at Affable, we can offer you a better and faster way to search for Youtube influencers! Using our Influencer Discovery tool, you can easily search for influencers with specific criteria such as gender, category, location and range of subscribers! 

Once you find creators you want to work with, our platform will provide in-depth insights into their average engagement and follower demographic statistics such as age distribution, gender distribution. This tool will definitely keep you from wasting time and money on marketing to those who aren’t likely to be your customers!



Being one of the biggest video platforms out there, Youtube is a valuable channel for marketers to get their brands discovered and to connect with online consumers. By running Youtube influencer marketing campaigns, brands are utilizing the huge power of video content as well as word-of-mouth marketing. 

Stay tuned for Part 2 of our blog as we continue looking into steps and tips to create effective influencer campaigns on Youtube!


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