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February 8, 2021 Posted by Influencer Marketing 0 thoughts on “5 BEST IDEAS FOR VALENTINE’S DAY MARKETING CAMPAIGN”

Valentine’s Day is coming! It’s the time of year where we celebrate our loving relationships with our partners. 

However, in recent years, the concept of Valentine’s Day is no longer being limited to couples. To some people, it is considered a day to celebrate love, whether it is the love between partners, friends, family, or even self-love. By focusing marketing efforts on Valentine’s Day and creating inclusive campaigns, brands can potentially reach a wider audience and upsell their products. 

In this blog, we will learn from some of the most inspiring campaigns and see how some brands share love with their customers on Valentine’s Day. Grab a chocolate bar and read on!  

Running A Sweet Contest/Giveaway

Running contests for special occasions is a great way to leverage UGC marketing campaigns. To celebrate Valentine’s Day, The Body Shop (@thebodyshop) ran an attractive campaign #SendingAKiss where they encouraged followers to send photos of themselves blowing a kiss to their friends, with the winner getting a gift pack of newly released fruit-scented lip balms. Apart from making a simple-but-sweet video, the brand also made a smart move by targeting all women (regardless of their relationship status), and celebrating friendship.


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Bài viết do The Body Shop Official (@thebodyshop) chia sẻ

Giveaways are part of classic marketing campaigns to help brands gain a large amount of following in a short time. By simply tagging their friends in the post and following the brand, audiences can have a chance to win prizes. Brands can also consider collaborating with social media influencers to gain more traction and expand their audience reach. 

Regardless whether it’s a contest or a simple giveaway, offering a compelling prize is a crucial element to encourage more to join your campaign. However, a good reward need not necessarily be an expensive gift or a large amount of money. Read our other blogpost to find out how Starbucks created a buzz on social media with its simple-but-effective UGC campaigns


Have you heard of Galentine’s Day?

Observed on February 13 (the day before Valentine’s Day), Galentine’s Day celebrates friendships and is a popular concept among single women. As Galentine’s Day has received increasing attention in recent years, more and more brands are now including this special occasion in their marketing strategy.

A typical example comes from the famous jewelry brand Pandora (@theofficialpandora). Last year, this brand partnered with influencers around the world to highlight their latest item as a gift for both friends and partners.


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Bài viết do NIKOL TROJANOVÁ (@niki_trojanova) chia sẻ


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Bài viết do Angela Jakaj (@angelajakaj) chia sẻ

Luna Bar (@lunabar), a brand of nutrition bar, applied the same strategy as they collaborated with US influencers to feature their Luna Mash Up bar and promote togetherness on Galentine’s Day. 


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Bài viết do Lan Vo Nguyen (@thelanline) chia sẻ

Another interesting Galentine’s campaign worth your attention is from the pet food brand Stella & Chewy’s (@stellaandchewys). Galentine’s Day is about friendship, and for some people pets are their best friends! That’s why last February, Stella & Chewy’s partnered with top pet influencers to promote their products, stealing everyone’s heart with adorable pet pictures. This campaign is a great example of how we can expand the concept of love and reach to even niche markets on Galentine’s (or Valentine’s) Day. 


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Bài viết do Cody 🐾 (@codythecavachon) chia sẻ

Offering Customized Valentine’s Gift

Valentine’s day is a chance for brands to showcase and upsell their products with romantic packaging. After all, who doesn’t want to receive a lovely gift box on this special day? 

While offering a beautiful package is a traditional move, brands can stay ahead of the curve by customizing their products to delight customers. @sweetfavoursg has found a way to do it by allowing customers to personalize giftboxes and gifts with their names and messages. The brand also partnered with beauty & fashion influencer @julynnlau to drive awareness for their special Valentine’s promotion.


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Bài viết do Julynn Lau (@julynnlau) chia sẻ

Ready for a lot of cuteness? Last year, @Mojivn, a Vietnamese accessory brand, created a buzz on social media by offering lovely customized gift boxes. They featured 8 gift boxes with different colour themes, each is filled with a different set of items. Customers can have a variety of options to consider and can select the one that matches their partner’s personality best!    

Creating interactive experience

Creating interactive experience can help brands to enhance customer experience as well as gain immense traction on social media. One prime example come from the luxury brand Tiffany & Co. Their idea is simple – customers can create their own unique sticker on the website, add it to their photo and share it on Instagram with the relevant hashtag (#BelieveInLove). The also had a post on their IG feed to show how easy it is to create a sticker.


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Bài viết do Tiffany & Co. (@tiffanyandco) chia sẻ

To attract more attention, Tiffany & Co also partnered with macro-influencer Nicole Andersson and received lots of compliments on social media for this brilliant idea!  


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Bài viết do Nicole Andersson (@nicole_andersson) chia sẻ

Partnering with influencer couples 

With love and romance in the air, influencer couples have the ability to create an emotional connection to a product or service they promote, which is perfect for brands to run an impactful influencer marketing campaign on Valentine’s Day. 

There are many ways brands can leverage the power of influencer couples, from sharing date ideas, paired clothes to couple activities and fun places to check out. To help brands double the impact of your influencer marketing strategy, we have compiled a list of Top Influencer Couples in Southeast Asia in our previous blog. Check it out now!


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Top Influencer Couples to Work With in Southeast Asia

January 25, 2021 Posted by Influencer discovery 0 thoughts on “Top Influencer Couples to Work With in Southeast Asia”

Working with famous couples on Instagram is an effective way for brands to amplify the reach of their campaign. Audiences love to follow influencer couples, making them “power pairs” on social media. With happiness and romance in the air, influencer couples can create an emotional connection to a product or service they promote. Couple content also attracts higher engagement rates, especially when it comes to sharing date ideas, couple activities to do, and fun places to check out! 

By leveraging the popularity of couple influencers, brands can diversify their audience and drive greater awareness for their influencer marketing campaigns. To help you double the impact of your influencer marketing strategy, we have compiled a list of top influencer couples in Southeast Asia in this blog. Read on to find out who are the couple influencers on Instagram that are #couplegoals

Top Influencer Couples in Singapore


1. Nicole Chang Min & James Seah 

Nicole Chang Min (@nicolechangmin) and James Seah (@jamesseah) are one of the top high-profile couples in Singapore. Besides sharing their romance on Instagram, the couple has also announced in an interview by 8 Days that they just got their BTO flat together. While Nicole is known for her candid personality on Real Talk, a popular YouTube talk show with over 200k subscribers, James is a famous Mediacorp actor who is known for his appearance in television show, Tanglin. Combining their influence, the post of them holding hands with Christmas lights in the background earned close to 3k likes for Orchard Road’s #LoveThisChristmas Christmas campaign!


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Bài viết do nicolechangmin 曾敏 (@nicolechangmin) chia sẻ

2. Vanessa Ho and Shaun Michael 

Student couple influencers, Vanessa Ho (@vaneszs.h) and Shaun Michael (@seowie), are not only #couplegoals but #fitnessgoals. As hosts of SubtleFitness, a YouTube channel about Fitness, Modelling and Student Life, Shaun and Vanessa are a great pair to work with if you’re looking to reach out to the fitness community! With video marketing and multi-channel content creators on the rise, a useful tip for brands is to work with influencers across multiple platforms, such as YouTube and Instagram.

Brands working with them can also target a younger audience as Shaun and Vanessa are students from Singapore Management University (SMU) and National University of Singapore (NUS) respectively. Their recent collaboration with MARIGOLD Yogurt showcased a photo of them eating yogurt and keeping healthy.


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A post shared by Vanessa Ho 何鎂琪 (@vaneszs.h)


3. Sng Yixin and Christopher Peter Chong

Singapore micro-influencer Sng Yixin (@snnngorious) and her partner, Christopher Peter Chong (@twentyreasons), are not only couple influencers but also parent influencers! Their baby, Riley, even has her own Instagram account (@potato.riley) where the couple documents cute snippets of her life. Dressed in adorable shirts with a bubble tea design by Gong Cha and Toddleythoughts, her post received close to 900 likes! With loving family portraits and cute baby photos to show, couple and parent influencers can definitely capture the audience’s attention! To find out more parent influencers, check out our list of top 10 parent macro-influencers in Southeast Asia!


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Bài viết do Sng Yixin (B’Lyra) (@snnngorious) chia sẻ

Top Influencer Couples in Southeast Asia


Top Influencer Couples in Malaysia

Next up, we have Malaysian macro-influencers Ashley (@ashleylimjinq) and Zero (@zer0________)! According to our influencer analytics platform, Ashley has a higher than average engagement rate of 4.47% compared to similar influencers with only 2.75%. The couple is also active on TikTok and YouTube channels, and are avid pet lovers with an account on Instagram (@zacouple_pets) to document lovely photos of their cats and dogs. 

Last December, the couple partnered with ShopBack Malaysia (@shopbackmy) to entice shoppers to buy gifts during the 12.12 shopping festival and earn attractive cashback via #ShopBackShopFest Mega Sale. With holidays like Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day around the corner, brands can generate greater awareness for their influencer marketing campaigns by working with couple influencers to spread the message of love. 


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Bài viết do Āshley (@ashleylimjinq) chia sẻ

Top Influencer Couples in Thailand

Another hot influencer couple we have is none other than Foiinoii (@foiinoii) and Peerakarn (@ndrew_rmen), who are rising influencers in Thailand! Both individuals are great dancers and they engage their followers by uploading passionate videos of their dance performances on Instagram. According to our influencer data analytics tool, Foiinoii has an engagement rate of 3.03% and majority of her audience is between 19-25 years old. If you are looking to shake things up and run a successful influencer marketing campaign targeting millennials, you will surely fall in love with her feed!


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Bài viết do Foiinoii 💥🔥⚡️💯 (@foiinoii) chia sẻ

Top Influencer Couples in Indonesia 

Indonesian influencers Ola (@olakarunia) and Benzo (@benzoitubejo) are one of the sweetest couples on Instagram! Benzo is a professional photographer and founder of wedding photography service, Hijaz Pictura. With a high engagement rate of 3.47%, his followers are mainly concentrated in Indonesia. Together, the couple’s photo on Instagram has earned close to 4.6k likes with 2.9k likes on Ola’s feed and 1.7k likes on Benzo’s feed. Without a doubt, Ola and Benzo’s loving relationship and extraordinary photography definitely makes it to the list of top Indonesian influencer couples to work with!


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Bài viết do OLA (@olakarunia) chia sẻ

Top Influencer Couples in Vietnam

Duy & Ý(@candykun107) are a bit different from the rest of the influencers on this list. Unlike the rest, @candykun107 is an Instagram account maintained by Duy & Ý. With an Instagram feed filled with beautiful pictures of food, their followers are rewarded with delicious food places to go to in Vietnam. A great advantage for brands working with Duy & Ý is that they can also tap into the food lover community on immediately! 

For brands that have a specific target audience in mind, working with couples in a particular influencer niche can help to increase the effectiveness of your influencer marketing campaigns. If you’re interested to know about other food influencers, explore our other blog on top trending food influencers to follow in Southeast Asia!

Top Influencer Couples in Philippines

Filipino influencers Raina (@konyoqueen) and Miguel (@mykeeasy) are a power couple on Instagram. Besides their own individual accounts, the influential couple manages a dedicated Instagram page (@corkedandscrewed) with 11.9k followers for their love of travel, wines and spirits. The account has a high engagement rate of 3.11% and they have followers from as far as the United States too! Occasionally, Raina also shares some of her content on YouTube, such as music covers and baking experiences.


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Bài viết do Miguel & Raina (@corkedandscrewed) chia sẻ

Curious to find out more names on who are the top influencer couples in your region? Try out our influencer analytics platform and find the right influencer couples to work with for your Valentine’s Day influencer marketing campaign! Sign up for a free demo here


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