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Influencer Marketing 2018 Round Up South East Asia

January 9, 2019 Posted by Artificial Intelligence, Influencer Marketing 0 thoughts on “Influencer Marketing 2018 Round Up South East Asia”

Year 2018 has been a phenomenal year for marketers in South East Asia. Over 1.5 billion active social media users have helped South East Asia catapult ahead and become one of the most sought after markets for social media influencer marketing.
We have complied influencer marketing metrics for 8 different countries in South East Asia and packaged them into a swanky report.

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Get the full report for South East Asia RIGHT NOW!

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True Reach measurement using Affable’s Campaign Analytics

September 15, 2018 Posted by Artificial Intelligene, Influencer Marketing 0 thoughts on “True Reach measurement using Affable’s Campaign Analytics”

Affable aims to make your influencer marketing campaigns transparent and more effective. Once you have chosen the right influencers, Affable can go one step further and give you a custom report of how well your influencer campaign performed.


Affable’s report unpacks the campaign learning for you so that you can take advantage of any successes or avoid mistakes in future campaigns. Read more to find out the insights that a campaign report can give you:


#1 Overall Campaign Summary

The summary displays the sponsored influencer posts and a quick overview of the campaign performance in terms of total likes, comments and engagement rate of your entire campaign.

If you partnered with  10 influencers for your brand to work on a particular campaign, for example, the promotion of a new phone, this feature can give you analytics of how those 10 posts performed.

#2 Campaign Reach

Affable Report

Campaign reach refers to the total number of different people who engaged, at least once, with your post during a given period. Affable can display this information visually to show you the demographic breakdown of the audience reached.

#3 Engagement:

Engagement is the most important measure of a campaign for many according to a report published by Linqia. 81% of the respondents believe that engagement is the ultimate influencer marketing KPI and all others pale in comparison.

Engagement is the interaction your content gets and is a definite measure of success which Affable can track:

Likes — Likes are a basic and important way to measure content appreciation. They also help you quantify the buzz around your influencer content thus your brand too. Not sure if the post engagement is good? Compare with the other posts uploaded by the same influencer.

Comments — Depending on the number and nature of comments, you can tell whether or not your audience likes your content. Again, Affable can help you find effective was the influencer’s branded content compared to other organic content uploaded by the same influencer.

#4 Gender Distribution

If as a business, you have a product/service that appeals to both genders, demographics wouldn’t be the first KPI to keep in mind. But if you were looking to target one gender more or you were looking to promote a gendered product, knowing if your influencer has reached them is super important. Affable can accurately breakdown gender analysis of an influencer’s post and give you a % value.

#5 Location-specific metrics

If your business is set up in Singapore but your influencer’s post reached India to a large degree, you will not see much increase in sales/visibility to your actual target market. With Affable’s location distribution, you will be able to see which countries the post actually reached.  Knowing this, you can avoid working with influencers who may not have a strong presence in your market.

#6 Age-Distribution

A powerful insight you will not find on Instagram, Affable can also break down the age ranges of the audience who have interacted with a post. As to why you might want to know the ages of your audience, knowing this information can help you know how to speak to them, where to find them, and what they want from your brand and how those people talk. Based on the results, you can adapt your keywords and SEO strategies to reach your market better.

All of these features will help you use data to strengthen your influencer marketing strategy and be better than the competition. If your campaign is a success, our tools will help you know why which will help you for future campaigns. On the other hand, if you fall short of your KPIs, you’ll know instantly by how much and see where things went wrong.

With Affable, you will be able to track the content of each influencer you work when and their content. This will give you the clearest picture of whether an influencer was worth the marketing dollars.

Discover Influencer Trends in your region using Affable’s Content Discovery

September 11, 2018 Posted by Influencer Marketing 0 thoughts on “Discover Influencer Trends in your region using Affable’s Content Discovery”

Instagram for Business

Instagram is quickly becoming a great marketing tool due to its visual nature and high user engagement rate. As of December 2016, the average number of brand posts on Instagram was 27.9 posts per month.  And with 500 million people using it daily, Instagram is a platform that businesses should hop on quick! However with all this attention on Instagram for business, brands will have to work harder to even get noticed, let alone sustain engagement.

Why Content Discovery

First, let’s discuss content discovery platforms in general. When you are strategizing content to post to your Instagram, you can browse your organic feed and look for relevant content, but that may or may not give you anything unique or valuable for your brand. You can also run hashtag searches and hopefully find something amazing. There is also the route of following influencers to discover trends, read blogs and communities, Reddit, RSS feeds and so on. Most brands rely on spending a lot of time and manpower on such research.  

Affable’s new content discovery platform will do all of the research for you. You can use a selection of filters to judge and display content. These criteria may include things like

  • When was the image posted
  • Whether the post was sponsored or not
  • Interests
  • the hashtags used
  • The influencers’ handle
  • Affiliated brands
  • Country the image was posted in

When you run the search, the results are displayed on the basis of recency, the highest number of likes and comments. 

Why Use Affable’s Content Discovery 

Firstly this tool can help you identify engagement triggers on Instagram – search and social listening trends – to help strategize your brand message.

You can also use it to do competitive research really quickly and easily. For example, type in “#samsungsg” in the Hashtag search and plug in the dates you want to see their sponsored content for. Use the sorting tool to display the results in the order of the highest number of likes.

For example, if you want to see the most popular sponsored posts by Samsung Singapore, use the filters like this


There you go, now you can see with great ease what has been working for Samsung on the platform!



All in all, a content discovery app allows you to get a feed full of engaging content while saving yourself the time you would have otherwise spent to gather up that content and judge it on your own. 

We use advanced computer vision to find content for an Interest. When you search for ‘Baby’ under Interests, our algorithms scan all images uploaded by influencers to shortlist the pictures with Babies.



Give Affable’s content discovery a try here:

How Affable’s Brand Affinity Analytics Can Add To Your Strategy

August 20, 2018 Posted by Influencer Marketing 0 thoughts on “How Affable’s Brand Affinity Analytics Can Add To Your Strategy”

While evaluating influencers you want to work with, typically you would check the number of followers, their interests and engagement rate. We’ve explained before that knowing the location and demographics of the audience is also essential. But here’s another feature on Affable the influencer brand affinity that brands will find extremely useful.

Putting a face on products has always worked for a number of reasons-

  • People like to buy from people. Logos and design are important but word of mouth recommendations do a lot more for sales.
  • Ads are ubiquitous and amongst all the noise, a brand partner can reach the right people at lower cost.
  • Because you can’t be everywhere at once, Brand ambassadors can take over some of it to champion a brand they love at events and more.
  • Get all the insights you need about any social user to make sure you are focusing on the right people.


Feature: Brand Affinity


Once signed up with Affable, you can search for influencers through filters and visit their profile. Affable provides in-depth information you wouldn’t typically find on Instagram such as the demographics of the audience, engagement rate, % of suspicious followers, audience interests, and brand affinity among others. This feature shows the entire list of brands the influencer has worked, whether the post was sponsored or organic, when the image was posted and a link to those posts.

Here are some reasons why this feature is useful to you as a brand:



Whether you’re a big brand like Victoria’s Secret or the millennial watch company-Daniel Wellington, the right brand ambassadors have added to the reputation and growth of the brand.

Although quite an old incident, this reflects why brands should be cautious in choosing an influencer. In 2001, Britney Spears was signed on to be Pepsi’s brand ambassador for a 2-year period, however soon after she was caught drinking Pepsi in public causing a major blow to the image of Pepsi. Quite simply, you wouldn’t want to work with an influencer who has an active partnership with your competing company or brand. Our brand affinity tool lists all the brands the influencer has worked with and can also detect if a post has been sponsored (green dollar sign). We can also tell when the image was posted which is very useful to determine if the partnership is recent.

#Competitor Analysis


Be thoughtful about which social channels and campaigns you devote your marketing budget to—and make sure that if your competitors are there, promoting hashtags and boosting posts, you’re there, too. With the Affinity tool, you can keep an eye on your competitors’ sponsored posts with influencers and see what has been working for them so you can make smarter decisions using that information.

#Organic Posts


Very often, influencers share their experiences, tag brands and products without being paid to do so on Instagram. Affable’s Brand Affinity tool can detect those posts for an influencer. So if an influencer has tagged your product before and has organically shared her thoughts, partnering up with them can be a good idea. Not only with their association with your product seem natural but will also be easier to convert them from a user to a superfan.


Affable Weekly Insights- 16th July 2018

July 18, 2018 Posted by Influencer Marketing 0 thoughts on “Affable Weekly Insights- 16th July 2018”

We crunched data on Instagram for Singapore Influencers and here are some weekly insights that you may find useful:

Brand With The Most Sponsored Posts


Coca-Cola picked up on the trends by utilizing the 2018 World Cup in its social media strategy. The hashtag #pickyourteam was promoted by comedian @hirziofficial in a funny skit to increase brand engagement.



Post With The Highest Engagement


@ashlynthia‘s strikes again with her giveaway post for The Little Company getting the highest engagement. The post received 131 likes and 841 comments. The contest asked followers to follow the brand and tag friends to win tickets for a play.



Top 5 influencers in Order of Engagement:


The travel-enthusiast couple @themerriedlife received 7707 likes and 998 comments out of their 20271 followers on their posts exploring Italy last week.




With 2367 likes and 258 comments of her 6500 followers, @fruityemz was the second most influential last week.





@ashlynthia’s two giveaway posts helped her gain 901 likes and 742 comments from her 7232 follower



A doctor with an interest in architecture @baxirahul received 2733 likes and 284 comments from his 13782 followers.





Another architecture enthusiast makes it to the list! @ipohboygoesplaces received 4052 likes and 473 comments of his 6810 followers.



Influencer News

Popular Singaporean influencer, Yeoh Mong Chin or @Mongabong as we know her will make her television debut in Who Runs the World with Mong Chin on A+E Networks’ LIFETIME Asia next Monday (23 July). Having carved out a niche for herself on the Instagram landscape since starting out five years ago, she’s amassed a following of more than 147,000 followers on Instagram and created a career from her love for fashion, beauty, travel, and food.

Sign up with Affable today to supercharge your influencer marketing by bringing your search, due diligence, and analytics tools in one place.

Is B2B Influencer Marketing A Good Idea?

July 2, 2018 Posted by Influencer Marketing 0 thoughts on “Is B2B Influencer Marketing A Good Idea?”

Like most people, we held an opinion that influencer marketing was better suited for B2C businesses and boy, were we wrong. As long as your product/service has customers and people who are super-fans of your brand then chances are you can include influencer marketing as part of your growth strategy for your B2B enterprise.

How B2B Is Different

Expertise of Influencers


Mostly B2B companies sell software or technology solutions which aren’t things that technology and business influencers can just take a picture to drive sales any time soon! It just doesn’t happen that way. What works for an influencer or a Key Opinion Leader (KOL) is their credibility and though not impossible, it is not easy to find influencers who have an extensive background in IT themselves. And no, it is not a great idea to hire someone known for fashion to do a campaign for your B2B product, it will ring unauthentic alienating your customers and his/her followers too. Most B2B influencers are Key Opinion Leaders, niche-topic experts, influential members of the community, industry-facilitated authorities, expert journalists, and consultants.

Interactions with Audience


Also, the buying funnel for B2B customers differs from B2C in the way that the former doesn’t typically get impressed by an Instagram post on saas, go to a corporate website and purchase the software. Although a post may bring brand awareness, they buying cycle starts by checking the authenticity of the product, reading reviews, making price comparisons and checking for features. As you can see, it isn’t an on-the-spot purchase as compared to buying a bag.

Longer Buying Cycle


B2B enterprises usually have long buying cycles of about 3- 6 months and it is said that customers would not prefer to not contact vendor until their two-thirds of the way through the decision-making process. This is where influencer marketing comes into play as research shows that influencer recommendations can accelerate the buying cycle.

Furthermore, while these short-term benchmarks can help measure the initial reception of the engagement, B2B sales strategies are typically built on longer-term relationships and sales cycles, and many of the most important KPIs will emerge months after the campaign has ended.

Research has foaund that 87% of B2B buyers give more credence to content created by influencers in their industry.

How To Do B2B Influencer Marketing Right

We’ve identified three broad ways of implementing an influencer program.

1) Short-term campaigns:


Ideal when launching a new product and increasing awareness about a product, this kind of program may require you to work with industry leaders or macro-influencers to drive your brand’s message to a larger market.

Consider American Express’ Love My Store campaign where they aimed to increase the placement of AmEx signage on storefront windows nationwide.  First, they partnered with Grace Bonney (known for her blog Design*Sponge) to create 6 beautiful storefront decals and that reflected the values of the store to potential customers while making it clear that AmEx card shoppers were accepted.

B2B Marketing


At the same time, they also worked with HGTV’s Emily Henderson on a series of videos that taught store owners design tips, placement of AmEx signage and merchandising to attract customers.


American Express B2B


2) Building Long-Term Customer Relations:


Perhaps you want to retain existing customers or rebrand your business to build long-term brand loyalty, this kind of campaign will depend on micro-influencers who have a high-engagement rate with their followers.  For example, an email marketing expert might discuss top trends for the coming year, best practices and so on. Once signed up with an Email Marketing platform, he/she might start talking about how the partner firm can make the process easier.


HubSpot is great at this kind of marketing as it invests heavily in updating their blogs with content from micro-influencers who have digital marketing and sales backgrounds. Not only does HubSpot benefit from fresh perspectives on their website but also its partners also gain from Hubspot’s exposure.

3) Gaining Leads


This kind of campaign gets straight to the point and allows you to access the influencer’s audience for leads. Creating a custom discount code for every influencer you work with allows you to drive sales rather than just gain awareness. Plus having an ‘exclusive’ discount code for an influencer will spark more interest by giving the audience a feeling of being special.

Adding an influencer marketing program can measurable results as we’ve said before, but planning and launching one takes a lot of manual effort.  Affable has helped multiple B2B’s launch impactful influencer programs and help them new audiences and leads from the right Instagram influencers. So if you’re thinking of setting up something similar for your business, try today and catch the influencer marketing wave before its too late.


Unilever To Cut Ties With Influencers Who Buy Fake Followers

June 21, 2018 Posted by In The News 0 thoughts on “Unilever To Cut Ties With Influencers Who Buy Fake Followers”

A large number of followers is one of the factors needed to be a popular influencer but with Instagram’s ever-changing algorithm, low barriers to entry and stiff competition are causing many influencers to turn to shifty methods of inflating their profiles. Multiple services offer intelligent fake followers at prices cheaper than a day’s lunch!

Unilever, one of the world’s largest consumer goods companies with products like Dove, Lipton tea etc, is attempting to crack down on influencer fraud by canceling contracts with influencers with paid followers. The FMCGs’ Chief marketer, Keith Weed said: “The key to improving the situation is three-fold: cleaning up the influencer ecosystem by removing misleading engagement; making brands and influencers more aware of the use of dishonest practices, and improving transparency from social platforms to help brands measure impact.”


2018 has been a year of explosive growth for influencer marketing with the market estimated to reach $10 billion by 2020. Entrepreneur reported that 41 percent of marketers surveyed spent only 5 percent or less of their budget on influencer marketing. But more than half of them are looking to increase their budget over the coming years.

While buying bots has been a prevalent practice on Instagram, the scale of this issue came into the spotlight after The New York Times published an exposé on the practice of buying followers and bots to increase engagement. Engaging with fake followers or bots through influencer campaigns is a waste of marketing resources especially for brands like Unilever, who spent over $9 billion on marketing in 2017.

Influencers are only as powerful as the number of people who trust and value them. What brands are looking for is an influencer’s ability to reach a big enough audience and their level of engagement; thus due-diligence should be vital before hiring an influencer.

While there is no direct way of spotting fake profiles on Instagram, Affable’s machine-learning model can bring a wealth of influencer insights for brands including presenting the % of suspicious following of an influencer.



How takes the guesswork out of influencer marketing

June 19, 2018 Posted by Influencer Marketing 0 thoughts on “How takes the guesswork out of influencer marketing”

A few years ago, marketing teams discussed if influencers should be a part of their marketing strategy. Today the question is how does one choose the right influencer by providing the best value for money. But here’s the problem, It’s actually pretty hard to make a decision without concrete facts beyond searching hashtags, dealing with talent agencies or hiring interns to do this cumbersome task. However, the hardest thing to answer has been this: Is this influencer actually influential to their audience? Thus Affable was born of complex algorithms, image search, machine learning and a lot of heart into this industry.

1)Play the numbers right

The typical Instagram influencer search relies on recommendations from friends, researching on search engines like Google, going through pictures of the hashtags you want- basically it is a process based on guesswork. Even if the influencer checks the box for being the right age, having an attractive number of followers and having the right image for your brand, a similar check needs to be done for their audience.

For example, we noticed that a particular beauty blogger’s audience was primarily male thus leading to poor sales for a brand who collaborated with her!

Affable’s ai-based technology can break down with 95% accuracy the age-range of an influencer’s audience along with a break down of gender and location distribution.

2) Filters are not just for Selfies

How do you know for sure if your influencer is a traveler, fashionista, permissive moms, or a fitness freak? You could ask them where they see themselves or go through their entire profile to find out.

Or you can use Affable’s extensive filter options to choose the desired age, gender, interest, brand affinity and follower count within seconds! With machine learning, Affable uses an internal ‘scoring system’  for the influencer and brings up search results in the order of decreasing relevance.


3) Location, location, location:

If you thought this was the principle of real estate, you were right! Social media marketing has borrowed this principle and for sound reasons. If your company has a great product that is limited to say, Singapore for the moment, hiring an influencer based in Thailand will be an inefficient use of your resources. Tapping into an influencer who is popular with your product’s geography.


4) Quality over Quantity

Crossing your fingers and hoping for your campaign to justify its cost cannot be the way to do things. Basing your choice of influencer on logic can take away a lot of stress associated with your job. Affable provides the average engagement on a post for an influencer which refers to the percentage of their audience engaging with their content and the authenticity of their likes and comments.


5) Are they really influential?

A Google search for the keywords ‘buying Instagram followers’ brings up 192,000,000 results revealing the booming bot industry! With fake likes and even comments flooding Instagram, you can never be too cautious about selecting a genuine influencer. Our comprehensive directory organizes social media information and makes specific audiences reachable at scale

Here is where Affable’s engagement statistics can help make things clear:

As social media influence is turning into a billion dollar industry poised to outpace the traditional marketing industry, Affable can save significant hours of manpower and time with better results allowing marketers to focus on right-brain tasks such as creativity and strategy.