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Influencer Marketing in India is on the rise, and for good reason: the right influencers can make or break a brand. It is no surprise that brands in India are joining in on the trend. But will they truly get the promised ROI from their influencers?

India’s Fake Influencer Problem

At Affable, we use data to audit influencers. We have built cutting-edge machine learning algorithms to profile influencers and their audience. In India, we have profiled over 30,000 influencers (and counting!). While running through the data, we noticed that a lot of “influencers” have fake followers.

This is a problem. One of the reasons influencer marketing works so well is that influencers are authentic and resonate with their audience. However, little room for authenticity remains if the audience itself is purchased. Paying as little as ₹150 ($2.10) can earn you up to 1000 followers!

How to tell if an influencer has bought followers?

One way to figure out if an influencer has purchased followers is by sifting through their followers. If you see something like the following then there is a high chance that the followers are paid for:


Similar account names, with stock imagery as profile pictures

As you can probably see, this process is highly manual and time-consuming. Luckily, at Affable, our machine learning algorithms do that for you! This is described in our previous post.

The good news

It’s not all gloom and doom. India has plenty of authentic, engaging influencers, they’re just harder to find. Luckily for us, our advanced search engine is great at finding exactly those influencers. Here is a food influencer that our search engine identified as having one of the highest engagement levels:

Sample analytics of @the_savage_lens on available on Affable

This is influencer goes by the name @the_savage_lens on Instagram. He is a Pune based creator that takes gorgeous pictures of food. Our analysis shows that he is one of the most engaging Indian influencers, with an average engagement of 11%, which is several times higher than the 1.49% engagement of similar influencers. This, of course, is no mystery once you see how beautiful and well composed his posts are:

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This vadapav was ajajzbzbzbbzznnz….❣️ And I'm feeling ajsnsnznzn right now because a) I missed the deadlines for @platterjoy giveaway b) I'm not getting time to write a crazy good caption. So my dear dear sizzy, Nidhi, accept this entry of a Desi snack with a twist. The twist is that I made the Vada and everyone twisted after eating it because I misjudged the amount of spices. I know I'm awesome at cooking. No claps pls. 🙂 . Anywho, it's Wednesday… midweek and I've finally come home. My braveheart crossing 14 signals to go to office and another 14 to come back home. And typing this caption while waiting in between the ever growing traffic, pollution and population of Pune just to save a few minutes so that after coming home I can just post it ASAP because I gotta leave for work!🥂 . Ah! Wasn't I just back from one? Yeah, that was the one which pays my bills. This is the one which pays for my smiles. Yes, you might have guessed it right – Photography. I'm finally visiting a place I've always loved. Which place is that? Well.. keep checking the stories for details. 🐿️ . I'll roast you if you find typos 🦅

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Now the only question remains, how can you find influencers as engaging as @the_savage_lens to spread the word about your brand?

Discover Authentic Indian Influencers

For an influencer marketing campaign to deliver a strong ROI, choosing the right influencer is critical. Affable’s AI-powered discovery engine gives you the ability to find the most relevant influencers for your brand. Sign up free today and search among 30,000+ Indian Instagram influencers here:

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