Discover Influencer Trends in your region using Affable’s Content Discovery

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Instagram for Business

Instagram is quickly becoming a great marketing tool due to its visual nature and high user engagement rate. As of December 2016, the average number of brand posts on Instagram was 27.9 posts per month.  And with 500 million people using it daily, Instagram is a platform that businesses should hop on quick! However with all this attention on Instagram for business, brands will have to work harder to even get noticed, let alone sustain engagement.

Why Content Discovery

First, let’s discuss content discovery platforms in general. When you are strategizing content to post to your Instagram, you can browse your organic feed and look for relevant content, but that may or may not give you anything unique or valuable for your brand. You can also run hashtag searches and hopefully find something amazing. There is also the route of following influencers to discover trends, read blogs and communities, Reddit, RSS feeds and so on. Most brands rely on spending a lot of time and manpower on such research.  

Affable’s new content discovery platform will do all of the research for you. You can use a selection of filters to judge and display content. These criteria may include things like

  • When was the image posted
  • Whether the post was sponsored or not
  • Interests
  • the hashtags used
  • The influencers’ handle
  • Affiliated brands
  • Country the image was posted in

When you run the search, the results are displayed on the basis of recency, the highest number of likes and comments. 

Why Use Affable’s Content Discovery 

Firstly this tool can help you identify engagement triggers on Instagram – search and social listening trends – to help strategize your brand message.

You can also use it to do competitive research really quickly and easily. For example, type in “#samsungsg” in the Hashtag search and plug in the dates you want to see their sponsored content for. Use the sorting tool to display the results in the order of the highest number of likes.

For example, if you want to see the most popular sponsored posts by Samsung Singapore, use the filters like this


There you go, now you can see with great ease what has been working for Samsung on the platform!



All in all, a content discovery app allows you to get a feed full of engaging content while saving yourself the time you would have otherwise spent to gather up that content and judge it on your own. 

We use advanced computer vision to find content for an Interest. When you search for ‘Baby’ under Interests, our algorithms scan all images uploaded by influencers to shortlist the pictures with Babies.



Give Affable’s content discovery a try here:

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