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Most Inspiring Mother’s Day Campaigns For Your Brand

May 5, 2021 Posted by Influencer Marketing, Social media marketing 0 thoughts on “Most Inspiring Mother’s Day Campaigns For Your Brand”

Taking place on Sunday, May 9, Mother’s Day is just around the corner. This is a great opportunity for brands to share inspiring campaigns celebrating mother’s love and generate new sales. This year, because of the global pandemic, brands need to stay relevant yet mindful about their content strategy, taking into consideration the implications of quarantine.

For anyone looking for inspiration for an unforgettable influencer marketing campaign, below are some campaigns that successfully spread love and happiness on Mother’s Day!  

Pandora’s The Unique Connection

Pandora, one of the world’s largest jewelry brands, is famous for its amazing campaigns celebrating mother’s love every year. One of the campaigns that really tugged on the audience’s heartstrings is “The Unique Connection”, which portrayed the unique bond shared between a mother and her child. 

They gathered 6 mothers, had them lined up, and put a blindfold on the children. The test was to see if a child, without being able to see, could identify their mother amongst a row of women. As all the children realized their mothers, the video suggests that the bond between children and their mothers is something that can be felt as much as it can be seen! Pandora also did a wonderful job by highlighting their jewels in an ingenious way!  

Teleflora’s Love Makes a Mom

Teleflora is among the world’s largest flower delivery services. Every year, this brand partnered with a number of parent influencers to execute meaningful campaigns celebrating mothers. 

Last year, the brand collaborated with a cast of 7 IG micro-influencers in the “Love Makes A Mom” campaign. The campaign spread the classic but effective message about what motherhood looks like, encouraging the audiences to send the best flower bouquets as a gift to their moms on this special day! 


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Running Mini-games or Giveaway is a popular tactic to boost social media engagement and grow your following on special occasions, including Mother’s Day. Marketers can also consider collaborating with social media influencers in a compatible niche to reach a wider audience. 

You may want to check out Top Parent Macro-influencers and Micro-Influencers to partner with in Southeast Asia! 


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A post shared by Teleflora (@teleflora)

Facebook Portal – Mother’s Day

A Mother’s Day campaign is not necessarily emotional. It can be fun, entertaining yet still relevant like Facebook’s ad for Portal!

Facebook casts the moms of several famous celebrities, including Odell Beckham Jr., Snoop Dogg, Dwayne Johnson, Jonah Hill, and Neil Patrick Harris. All of them are chatting with each other when Harris video calls his mother on his Portal. 

The spot reminds us of calling our mamas regardless of how famous/busy we are, while promoting the benefits of Portal in a smart and funny way!

Aveda – The Original Influencer

Earlier this month, to celebrate Mother’s Day, American cosmetics brand Aveda blew its audiences with a 10s video on Instagram. The message was short but strong: “Before Beyoncé, before Kylie and before Paris there was one original influencer: Your Mother.”

While many brands out there are running gimmicky promotions and campaigns, Aveda decided just to send a simple, thoughtful message. This is a prime example of how a low-cost marketing effort can create a big impact if done right!


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A post shared by Aveda (@aveda)

Having quality time with family!

Agree or not, one of the best things to do on Mother’s Day is to spend quality time with family! 

There is a wide range of activities that parents can do with their children on this special day, from cooking, watching movies together or playing outdoor activities. And if brands want to embrace the social distancing in your ad, there are plenty of ways to stay virtually connected and have a special time with mamas. For example, calling to say Happy Mother’s Day (like Facebook Portal ad), or preparing beautiful presents for mothers.  

By shining a spotlight on parent influencers and featuring warmhearted family moments, brands can stay relevant and create an emotional connection to a product or service they promote. 


Although Mother’s Day won’t be the same this year, this is still a great opportunity for brands to connect with their online customers and boosts their sales on this occasion.

If you would like to find out more about parent influencers in your region or build a successful influencer marketing campaign, contact us today or request a free demo on our website!


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Mental Health Influencers: Part 2) Top Yoga Influencers To Follow

May 4, 2021 Posted by Influencer discovery, Social media marketing 0 thoughts on “Mental Health Influencers: Part 2) Top Yoga Influencers To Follow”

Together with body-positive influencers, Yoga influencers are among the most inspiring influencers to follow on the internet! With motivational stories, healthy lifestyles and a strong passion for yoga, they are able to build a close connection with their followers, thus fostering high engagement. As audiences are looking for ways to adopt self-love and happier life, partnering with Yoga influencers is a great way to draw attention to your brands!

Looking for famous Yoga influencers to deliver unforgettable influencer marketing campaigns for your brand? Here are the Top Yoga Influencers of 2021 that you’d want to reach out to! 

Yoga Influencers

Amina Taha (@aminahtaha)

Amina is a Yoga enthusiast, so yoga and the yoga lifestyle are all she shares. Her brilliant yoga skills can be seen through her charming poses and beautiful how-to video content, all taken indoors in her living room! If you’re looking to practice Yoga, she is a must-follow influencer! 

Having more than 400k followers all over the world, Amina garners for herself an amazing engagement rate of more than 3%!  


Xem bài viết này trên Instagram


Bài viết do Amina Taha (@aminahtaha) chia sẻ

Jimmy (@jimmyhwheeler)

Based in California, Jimmy Wheeler is another stunning Yoga male influencer! From a wooden house to a beautiful beach or a snowy mountain, the synergy between his poses and breathtaking landscape will certainly blow you away! Not to mention, he often showcases cute couple yoga poses with his girlfriend! 

With such amazing content, he has a high engagement rate of more than 4%.


Xem bài viết này trên Instagram


Bài viết do Jimmy Wheeler (@jimmyhwheeler) chia sẻ

Lamise (@lamise)

Lamise is an engaging yoga influencer, a photographer, and on top of that, a sweet mom influencer. Scrolling through her IG feed, you can’t help feeling peaceful as her striking poses often blend beautifully into nature scenes or soft pastel backgrounds. Every yoga pose is also enriched with her deep thoughts about self-love and gratitude. 


Xem bài viết này trên Instagram


Bài viết do Lamise (@lamise) chia sẻ

Yoga teachers

Magda (@magdasyoga)

If you’re intimidated by the thought of practicing yoga, you definitely need to check out @magdasyoga. Magda is a famous Yoga teacher based in Bali. Her Instagram feed is rich with yoga poses, video tutorials and yoga tips. She has a high engagement rate of 4% over 36k followers and a young audience base mainly from 19 to 25 years old.


Xem bài viết này trên Instagram


Bài viết do Magda | Yoga (@magdasyoga) chia sẻ

Chelsea Williams (@chelseasyoga)

Chelsea is a world-traveling yoga teacher who practices Yoga as a way to bring a sense of quiet and calm into her life. Her content is filled with engaging how-to videos where she practices mostly from home. Chelsea also documents her travels where she hosts training and yoga retreats and updates her followers about her inner strength and life journey!


Xem bài viết này trên Instagram


Bài viết do Chelsea Williams (@chelseasyoga) chia sẻ

Yoga & Meditation influencers

Odette Hughes (@odette__hughes)

Odette is more than just one of those yoga influencers with a large online following! She is a mindful wellness influencer with enough words to provoke your mind to be a better you. Soothing Yoga poses, healing quotes, meditation, self-love advice, her content will take you through your week with gratitude and inspire you to live better!


Xem bài viết này trên Instagram


Bài viết do Odette Hughes (@odette__hughes) chia sẻ

Briohny Smyth (@yogawithbriohny)

Briohny is a yoga teacher who also has a huge passion for meditation. Her content is very well presented with lovely short videos about Yoga and meditation. Apart from that, her content also focuses on inner strength, positive thinking and life-improving insights. Based in Thailand, Briohny has over 340k followers mainly based in Thailand and the US.

Yoga influencers are usually trusted for high authenticity as they guide their lives by spiritual values and inspire others to pursue a happy & healthy life. Collaborating with the right yoga influencers can help your brands to grab the audience’s attention, earn new followers and build trust with your customers! 

Affable provides in-depth influencer analytics across multiple platforms (including TikTok) so you can always find the ideal influencer for your needs! If you would like to find out more engaging influencers in your region, feel free to contact us or request a free demo on our website.


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Top 3 Guerrilla Marketing Strategies to Inspire your Brand

April 12, 2021 Posted by Influencer Marketing, Social media marketing 0 thoughts on “Top 3 Guerrilla Marketing Strategies to Inspire your Brand”

Have you heard of the term Guerilla marketing? Guerrilla marketing is a unique strategy that focuses on low-cost unconventional marketing tactics that yield maximum results. Using the element of surprise, brands can run successful advertising campaigns without spending big bucks. These campaigns also often spin-off to become viral marketing campaigns on the internet, generating active discussion on social media.

With marketing budgets shrinking due to the impact of the pandemic, many brands are now looking for more cost-effective strategies to implement their campaigns. In fact, guerilla marketing is considered to be the best marketing strategy for small businesses, given their limited budget and limited resources. 

Curious about how guerilla marketing can give your content marketing strategy a boost? Let’s take a look at some inspirational examples of guerilla marketing strategies and how to implement them! 

Creating Unconventional Content


Playing Dress-up

Getting your creative juices going is one of the first steps to a successful guerilla marketing campaign. As audiences on social media have short attention spans, it is important to come up with a shocking visual or message that can capture the attention of your target audience. More often than not, an impactful message and creativity is half the battle won. 

A noteworthy example is a Singaporean influencer, Noah Yap’s (@onlynoah) collaboration with @pringglessingapore. Bringing attention to Pringles’ new packaging #poppinnewlook, Noah did a playful dress-up as Mr. Pringles himself and brought the brand to life! His short video on Instagram attracted over 12k views with Noah changing into different outfits to introduce a variety of Pringles’ flavours. By breaking the monotony using a fun and lively video, the influencer marketing campaign was wildly successful in creating engagement on social media.  


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A post shared by Noah Yap 叶荣耀 (@onlynoah)

In fact, playing dress-up seems to be a trend on social media nowadays! Last May, Royal Chaos, a mobile card-based adventure game, also launched a creative campaign featuring influencers @sylsylnoc, @ninatsf and @qinlovesmacaronsss. Dressed to look like characters in the game, engagement rates were high as followers were rewarded with a pleasant surprise. After all, what better way to advertise about a game than to bring it to real life and live it out with gaming influencers?  


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A post shared by Sylvia Chan (@sylsylnoc)

Catchy Rap Song

Beyond playing dress-up, video marketing is also a cost-effective social media strategy that can wow audiences. In a partnership with @monsterenergy, rapper and singer, Fariz Jabba (@farizjabba), used his talents to release a catchy rap song on Instagram. The rap featured Monster Energy’s Mango Loco drink and was a brilliant new way to introduce the product. With over 5k views for the video and followers asking for more in the comments section, Fariz’s creativity and talent was definitely a big plus!   


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A post shared by FARIZ JABBA (@farizjabba)

Following the explosion of TikTok and IG Reels, brands are now looking for more exciting ways to connect with their audiences on social media. If you’re interested to find out how to amplify your marketing strategy with videos, check out our other blog on the 4 Biggest Video Marketing Trends in 2021

Memes/ Comic Strip

Another way is to create exceptional results with limited spending is to appeal to humor which is what @sgagsg did. In a partnership with @lifebuoysg during the Chinese New Year period, they jokingly used Lifebuoy’s hand sanitisers as a decoration for a plant. While this might seem like an evil prank at first glance, @sgagsg highlighted the visual appeal of Lifebuoy’s hand sanitisers and how they looked festive and eye-catching. By using humour to bring the message across, the post received a whopping 9,399 likes and succeeded in attracting the audience’s attention. 


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A post shared by SGAG (@sgagsg)

Besides using memes, @sgagsg also used an alternative way to bring the message across using a comic strip to introduce Samsung’s devices to consumers. By personalising the content to cater to audiences in each Zodiac sign and what Samsung device they should own, Samsung’s products became more relevant to consumers. With personalisation, brands can increase the cost-effectiveness of their campaigns by reaching out to their audiences using targeted messaging that appeals to their needs. 

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A post shared by SGAG (@sgagsg

Creating a Movement 

While creative content and humour can increase marketing effectiveness of individual posts, brands can also create greater impact by launching an organic movement that resonates with their target audience. 

GOMO Data for Good 

An example is @gomobysingtel’s #DataforGood campaign encouraging people to spread love, kindness and positivity online to encourage a more mentally well Singapore. The campaign includes a #behindthescreens challenge where users share their screen time & tell what good they have been doing online. By partnering with micro-influencers like @kattariya._, @gomobysingtel was able to create greater awareness within the community while showcasing a positive brand image. Encouraging your target audience to take part in a hashtag campaign is also one of the ways your brand can increase reach organically. 


Xem bài viết này trên Instagram


Bài viết do 𝒌𝒂𝒕𝒕 ☾⁂ (@kattariya._) chia sẻ

Guinness St. Patrick’s Day 

And…that’s not the only interesting campaign! Just last month, Guinness launched a St. Patrick’s Day campaign asking people to nominate their friends and family for half a pint of free Guinness beer at selected bars across Singapore. Popular social media influencer, @j.jaikishan collaborated with Guinness for a social media post where he nominated his mother as his “Saint” for St. Patrick’s Day. The heartwarming post received over 1k worth of likes and helped to raise awareness of the campaign online. By using a unique referral program for audiences’ to nominate “Saints” in their life, Guinness successfully drove online word of mouth on social media platforms. Hence, brands that want to implement cost-effective marketing campaigns can take advantage of the shareability of the virality of social media platforms to boost their referral programs and campaigns. 


Xem bài viết này trên Instagram


Bài viết do Kishan (@j.jaikishan) chia sẻ

Work with Micro-influencers

Last but not least, for cost-effective influencer marketing campaigns, brands can consider working with micro-influencers instead of celebrity influencers. Influencer marketing is considered to be a guerilla marketing tactic on social media as it generates high marketing ROI. Working with micro or even nano-influencers can help to lower costs further and connect your brand with niche communities on social media. 

Can’t wait to find out more top-performing micro-influencers to work with for an effective influencer marketing campaign? Contact us for a free demo to learn more about our influencer data analytics platform and discover authentic influencers for your brand!


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Top 5 Marketing Campaign Strategies In 2021

March 26, 2021 Posted by Influencer Marketing, Social media marketing 0 thoughts on “Top 5 Marketing Campaign Strategies In 2021”

We’re living in a time when the digital marketing landscape is constantly evolving and consumer interests and behaviors are hard to predict. In order to stand out among the virtual crowd and stay ahead of the competition, brands will have to quickly adapt to the changing environment and embrace new trends to resonate with online audiences. 

In this blog, we covered the top 5 marketing campaign strategies that will help your business thrive in 2021. Let’s dive into it now!

Inclusion and Diversity

2021 is expected to see a growing number of marketing campaigns covering a variety of social matters such as race, gender, religion. According to research by Accenture, more than 40% of shoppers from ethnic minorities and the LGBT+ community are willing to switch to brands that have made a commitment towards inclusion and diversity. The same study showed that 29% of consumers can switch brands completely if they don’t showcase enough diversity.

The wave of inclusion & diversity campaigns is not limited to a one-time advertising stunt but has to be integrated into the corporate culture and even new product lines. Fenty Beauty’s all-inclusive foundation, founded by international pop star Rihanna, focused on creating formulas that work for all skin types. Her latest foundation line was released with up to 50 inclusive shades, setting the new standard for beauty and forcing her competitors to rethink their approach. 

Another example is ThirdLove, a lingerie company that aims to make items for all different body types. They feature women of all ages, shapes and races rather than high-fashioned models.

Inclusive marketing is not just about gender diversity or equality. It can be as simple as showing off your customers’ diversity. Bumble’s “Find Me On Bumble” campaign is an example. The brand reached out to its users in New York, brought them together and let them share their inspiring stories. By featuring real stories with real-life users, not models or influencers, it is easier for the audiences to resonate with the video.


The Age of Social Commerce

Social commerce comes as no surprise since consumers spend most of their time on their phones and are known to be influenced by brands on social media. In the past, brands used to redirect followers to online stores to make a purchase. However, with new features such as Facebook Shops, Instagram Shops, Buyable Pins, consumers can now shop without even leaving the app.  

To set an example, global beauty brand Maybelline has turned its Instagram profile into a shopping venue with shoppable videos and images. By clicking the “view product” icon, customers can also see other related products.

Another example is Pomelo (@pomelofashion) which features influencers donning their outfits on their Instagram page, for consumers to take inspiration from these #pomelogirls and their beautiful outfits. Singaporean lifestyle influencer, @mirchelley, was recently featured in her #barbiexpomelo blazer, allowing Pomelo to tap into her follower community of 151k users on Instagram. 

You can also check out our latest blog to understand how Social Commerce works and the 3 steps to create a successful social commerce strategy.  


Watch & purchase

According to research from Brightcove, 85% of millennials say they’ve purchased a product or service after watching a video. Additionally, 80% of shoppers who used video for purchase inspiration say they did so at the beginning of the customer journey. These statistics display the impact of visualization and the role of video marketing in facilitating buying decisions.  

Here are the biggest video marketing trends that should be included in your marketing campaign strategies:

1. Shoppable videos

Shoppable video is one of the social commerce strategies that enable users to interact with brands without stepping outside. They are also much more appealing and engaging than product photos.

2. Live Stream Videos

Do you know that live videos can hook viewers 3x longer and produce 6x more interactions than other videos? While Facebook, YouTube and Instagram are thriving with their Live features, other social media platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Twitch have started to ride on this trend too!

3. Videos for good

If you want to create an ad that makes people relate and remember your name, delivering videos that inspire is a great strategy. Nike, Dove, P&G are brands that frequently include inspiring messages in their video ads, and they nail it every time!   

4. Soundless videos

Do you know that 85% of Facebook video is watched without sound? Acknowledging this, brands worldwide have been creating some of the best ads on the internet that speak volumes without the use of headphones. Curious how they did it? Let’s take a look at The creative ad from Ikea and Thanks To Frontliners from TBC Insurance!


UGC Campaigns 

According to Crowdtap and Ipsos, user-generated content (UGC) is more trusted than other types of media by 50% and is an important marketing strategy to help brands build trust and grow sales.

You can consider 5 ways to boost your engagement with UGC campaigns below.


Xem bài viết này trên Instagram


Bài viết do Affable ( chia sẻ

Influencer Marketing

Coronavirus has caused a great deal of uncertainty to the business environment, but it also has accelerated the growth of influencer marketing in 2020. From a mere $1.7 billion in 2016, influencer marketing is estimated to have a market size of $9.7 billion in 2020. Now it is expected to jump to $13.8 billion in 2021

Here are some influencer marketing trends you can trust to keep business booming in 2021:

1. Influencer commerce

Influencers are now taking over social commerce, in a new trend called Influencer Commerce which is raking in millions of dollars a year. Brands will need to leverage both influencer marketing and social commerce if they want to increase brand visibility and drive more sales.  

2. Multi-channel campaign

Customers now don’t live on one social media channel alone. With platforms like TikTok and Clubhouse coming into play, brands have to note where there is faster growth potential and reach wider audiences with multi-channel content creators. 

3. Strategic long-term partnership

In today’s volatile world, long-term partnerships can lead to more meaningful results. Authentic content is key and established relationships with influencers allow audiences to resonate with the content. 

4. Immersive content

The adoption of Augmented Reality (AR) technology on social media has been on the rise. As technology advances, brands can consider incorporating interactive elements and branded AR experiences to deepen audience engagement.

For more insights and predictions about influencer marketing trends in 2021, you can check out our latest Influencer Marketing Report.


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The Ultimate Guide to YouTube Influencer Marketing (P1)

March 10, 2021 Posted by Influencer Marketing, Social media marketing 0 thoughts on “The Ultimate Guide to YouTube Influencer Marketing (P1)”

As we witnessed rapid growth in video marketing in 2020, Youtube is more attractive than ever for brands seeking to connect and engage with their online consumers. Influencer marketing has also become a prominent strategy used by many brands to showcase their products and boost sales. According to a study by Jumpshot, influencer marketing conversion rates (2.7%) are five times higher than traditional pre-roll and mid-roll ad conversion rates (0.5%).

However, brands should take note that running influencer campaigns on a video-centric platform like Youtube is unlike running campaigns on social media channels like Facebook and Instagram. Hence, we created a series to provide you with some of the best practices when carrying out influencer marketing campaigns on YouTube! In this first part of our guide to YouTube influencer marketing, we’ll walk you through:

  • Types of YouTube influencer campaigns
  • Examples of successful influencer campaigns on Youtube
  • How to find the right YouTube influencers

Let’s go!

4 types of YouTube influencer campaigns

1. Traditional product placement

Having your products or services featured by YouTube stars in their videos is a common marketing tactic. By collaborating with them to showcase and recommend your products, brands can increase their visibility to potential customers. As Youtube owns a big share of the gaming market, partnering with Gaming Influencers is also a great way to tap into the gaming community.

Do gaming influencers only promote games? Definitely not! Marketers can partner with them to throw in mentions during live streams or host giveaways with them on YouTube too.  You can read more about how brands are partnering with gaming influencers here.

2. Tutorial, How-to videos

Creating tutorials or how-to videos is another great way to educate people about your products. Beauty brands were one of the first to team up with beauty creators and Youtubers to create tutorial videos. However, this type of video content can also be used by brands in other categories. Below is an example of a Youtube influencer showing how she’s been using VLLO to edit aesthetic videos

Ideally, you want to make your video short so you can utilize it by posting on other platforms like Instagram and Facebook! 

3. Unboxing

Unboxing videos are engaging to watch and easy to make. It offers a personal look into new products, from foods to cosmetics to high-tech items. You can partner with influencers in your niche or collaborate with popular unboxing Youtube channels to feature your product. 

4. Short Comedy

Many YouTube influencers gain popularity by coming up with comedy and amusing content. Teaming up with these influencers is a great way to gain traction and create a funny, positive image for your brand.

Let’s take a look at one of the campaigns that swept audiences off their feet by its great sense of humor!

Creative Youtube influencer marketing campaigns

1. Next Games and Lele Pons

In 2017, Next Games created a buzz on social media by partnering with Youtuber star Lele Pons to promote their game “The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land”. In the 4-minute video, Lele and her friends were playing the game when zombies suddenly came to life and wanted to attack them. With its creative idea and a great sense of humor, the video successfully engaged the audience from the beginning till the end, receiving more than 13M views and tons of compliments on social media!

2. Black History Month Campaign

Taking place in February, people in the United States celebrate the achievements and history of African Americans as part of Black History Month. In response to this occasion, the haircare brand Aunt Jackie decided to cultivate people’s interest in black history. 

They partnered with NaturallyCurly to style their hair with the brand’s products while taking a quiz on Black History Month. The engaging video provided interesting knowledge for the audience, allowing the brand to promote its products in a fun and natural way! 

3. Tiki with Vietnamese artist

Starting from May 2019, Tiki, a strong Vietnamese-owned eCommerce platform, launched its influencer campaign “Tiki with Vietnamese artists” which sponsored more than 50 music videos produced by popular Vietnamese singers. Within a year, Tiki’s blue gift boxes and its brand name appeared more than 2 billion times, reaching 300-400 million users. 

According to Tiki’s representative, this campaign is 20 times more effective compared to other regular forms of advertising on Youtube. It helped Tiki’s average access reach over 33 million, ranking 2nd nationwide after Shopee in the second quarter of 2019. While not many brands can run their influencer campaigns on a big scale, sponsoring video production and showing it in a genuine way is also an excellent tactic worth considering.  

You can check out our other blog on Successful eCommerce Influencer Campaigns for more inspiration too!

How to find the right YouTube influencers

Collaborating with famous YouTube stars like Lele Pons or PewDiePie can help promote your brand to a wider audience, but it definitely costs a significant amount of money. That’s why we always recommend brandspartner with local influencers (if you’re a local brand) or a set of micro-influencers to save your budget and maximize your reach to more niche audiences. The question many brands struggle with is: How can I find the right YouTube influencers?

What people often do is to manually search for influencers on Google or Youtube. Googling ‘YouTube influencers’, you will receive a list of top-ranked and expensive influencers in the world. The tip here is to use specific keywords related to your industry such as “Beauty Youtube Influencers” or “Youtube Gaming Influencers in the US” to receive more relevant results.

Yet, those who are familiar with the process will know that it is often tedious and ineffective. Here at Affable, we can offer you a better and faster way to search for Youtube influencers! Using our Influencer Discovery tool, you can easily search for influencers with specific criteria such as gender, category, location and range of subscribers! 

Once you find creators you want to work with, our platform will provide in-depth insights into their average engagement and follower demographic statistics such as age distribution, gender distribution. This tool will definitely keep you from wasting time and money on marketing to those who aren’t likely to be your customers!



Being one of the biggest video platforms out there, Youtube is a valuable channel for marketers to get their brands discovered and to connect with online consumers. By running Youtube influencer marketing campaigns, brands are utilizing the huge power of video content as well as word-of-mouth marketing. 

Stay tuned for Part 2 of our blog as we continue looking into steps and tips to create effective influencer campaigns on Youtube!


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How To Launch a Brand Ambassador Program

March 5, 2021 Posted by Influencer Marketing, Social media marketing 0 thoughts on “How To Launch a Brand Ambassador Program”

Influencer marketing is all the rage right now. As consumers today trust influencers more than traditional advertising and celebrity endorsement, more and more businesses have included influencer marketing in their overall marketing strategy. To ace the game in 2021, many brands also created brand ambassador programs to leverage the power of word-of-mouth marketing

While establishing an ambassador program is an investment that requires careful planning and implementation, the effort can be very rewarding in the long run. In this blog, we will help you define what a brand ambassador is and go through 4 basic steps to launch an effective ambassador program. Let’s start! 

What is a Brand Ambassador Program? 

Closely related to influencer marketing, a brand ambassador program is seen as a longer-term relationship with influencers to enhance awareness about the brand in their communities. Given the rapport between the influencer and the brand, brand ambassador programs can help to create authenticity and allow audiences to resonate with the content. 

In fact, content shared by influencers often receives more engagement than branded content, especially for micro-influencers and nano-influencers (60% higher engagement than more popular accounts)!  

Who can be a Brand Ambassador?

It is common for an influencer to be selected as a brand ambassador given their enormous following and influence in a specific niche. However, a brand ambassador will not only be social media influencers. They can also be your loyal customer, dedicated employees, or industry experts. 

Let’s take Coca-Cola’s Ambassador Program as an example. In 2016, this brand empowered its 700,000 global employees worldwide to represent and promote the company. Employees are supported with apps and other materials as they spread positive messages through their social networks and are rewarded for their activity. According to American Marketing Association, an Employee – Ambassador program like this can help brands to:

  • Save billions in marketing costs and lead to overall higher productivity among employees
  • Generate higher productivity 
  • Increase employee retention rates at nearly 90% more than companies without brand ambassador programs


Steps to launch an effective ambassador program

1. Define your ideal ambassadors 

The first step to launching a successful brand ambassador program is to define your ideal ambassadors. Specifically, a set of criteria should be listed to help brands define their future ambassadors. A critical factor we always recommend brands to look at when choosing ambassadors is the Brand and Ambassador Affinity. There are many cases where brands get lured by an influencer’s popularity (high number of followers, high engagement…) and partnered with influencers who do not suit their brand image. Let’s explore 2 examples below.

In 2017, Kendal Jenner was chosen to be the ambassador for Adidas Originals and was featured in Adidas’s campaign Originals. The ad was beautiful and stunning, yet all people talked about was the mismatch between Adidas and Kendall Jenner. They felt that Adidas should have cast a real athlete whose story is inspiring and relevant to the brand’s message instead of… a supermodel. 


Another example is between Volvo Cars and beauty influencer Chriselle Lim. Their campaign faced awkward consequences as Chriselle Lim did not suit their brand image. It can be explained that Volvo was trying to reach out to younger customers via social media, but the influencers have little or no affinity to the brand’s image. For more detail about this case study, can check out our previous blog about Influencer marketing mistakes and 4 lessons to learn from them. 

To analyze an influencer’s performance on social media, it is important for brands to look into their audience’s demographics such as age range, location, gender distribution and their interests, apart from usual metrics like number of followers and engagement rate. Doing so can help your brand to leverage influencers whose audiences are aligned with your target consumers, so your campaigns will receive greater engagement and generate a better conversion rate!

2. Define the goal of your ambassador program

As with any influencer marketing campaign, there needs to be clear goals for the brand ambassador program. Specifically, an ambassador program can be used to grow brand awareness, drive sales, promote a specific product line, and more!

Furthermore, a clear goal should also be accompanied by clear measurement. If the aim is to boost sales, tracking links and promo codes should be included in the content. In its ambassador program, beauty brand Pura Vida Bracelets gave its ambassadors personalized discount codes to track their performance. By sending their ambassadors free products, early access to new products, and other supporting marketing material, the brand increased its sales by 300% YoY and lowered customer acquisition costs by 7X!

On the other hand, if the program is aimed to increase awareness, you may want to look at tangible statistics such as estimated campaign reach, number of posts, increase in engagement, and following by 30% over the next 3 months, for example. However, an ambassador’s activities are usually not limited to social media, so brands will need to figure out other metrics to measure their performance.  

3. Set clear guidelines for your ambassadors

A clear and detailed guideline should be made to ensure that your ambassadors understand your brand’s message so they can perform up to your expectation. A guideline is particularly important if you’re working with nano-influencers or those who are new to being a brand ambassador. In which case, brands can get more involved in the content creation process and provide a support channel to assist them.

However, brands should also allow their ambassadors some creative space to get playful with the content as they know what their audiences like best! One of our favorite examples is the partnership between @kerstinong and @underarmoursg. Kerstin Ong is a student-athlete and is an ambassador for Under Armour Singapore. Apart from sharing images of her wearing Under Armour athletic shoes, she also promoted the brand by challenging herself with single-leg hops over up to 7 shoeboxes! The video is exciting to watch, and it quickly gained popularity, becoming one of the most-viewed videos on her Instagram feed!


Xem bài viết này trên Instagram


Bài viết do Kerstin Ong (@kerstinong) chia sẻ

Investing in ongoing training and nurturing the relationship with your ambassadors is critical to help them understand the brand and uplift their performance. Even when it is a paid partnership, brands should also provide their ambassadors with tangible benefits (discounts, free products or services…). The more ambassadors understand and love your products, the more positive, authentic content they will share with their audiences. 


Xem bài viết này trên Instagram


Bài viết do Tara Maynard (@taramays25) chia sẻ

4. Track and measure their performance

Like all social media campaigns, brands need to measure the ambassador’s performance and their campaign reach. By using Affable’s influencer campaign management features, brands are able to garner a wide range of information including Total engagement, total reach, number of influencer posts (including stories!), and even engagement breakdown so brands can measure CPE, CPM and other KPIs attached to the ambassador. 

All content and metrics can be downloaded and exported into a PowerPoint presentation showing a campaign overview as well as individual performance.



Choosing your brand ambassadors wisely, giving them enough freedom to create, setting clear guidelines and tracking their performance, are the 4 basic steps involved in a brand ambassador program. For brands that are new to ambassador programs, we recommend that you start small (learning by doing!) and scale your program over time. 

From finding the right influencers, reaching out to them, managing relationships and measuring performance, many brands are using influencer marketing platforms like Affable to help them run an effective ambassador program! Contact us and request a free demo today!


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4 Ways to Grow Your Following on TikTok Organically

February 25, 2021 Posted by Guest Blog, Social media marketing 0 thoughts on “4 Ways to Grow Your Following on TikTok Organically”

Video sharing sensation, TikTok, is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms of 2021, with over 800 million monthly active users.

Unlike other apps, it is still relatively easy to grow an audience on TikTok, with its extraordinary algorithm and importance of featured content. However, for businesses or influencers looking to grow a following, it can be difficult to understand what strategies and tactics to use, in order to leverage this opportunity. Even more importantly, how do you grow organically without coming across as desperate or harming your image?

To help with this, we’ve compiled 4 ways to start growing your following on TikTok organically right away – without spending a dime. Let’s do it.

1. Hashtag Research

TikTok, like other social media platforms, uses hashtags to help sort content such as the latest trends. Adding them into your post captions will allow you to help boost your video’s discoverability and reach a wider audience. We would always recommend putting in at least 3-6 hashtags per video, and there is only harm in not doing so.

You can use hashtags like #fyp or #foryou which are more general and accommodating to a wider audience. But we would also suggest you should use more specific hashtags related to your content.

For example, if you were a makeup brand looking to promote your newest products, having a video with the hashtags #makeup tutorials, would put you in front of your ideal audience. Or if you are an influencer trying to hop onto the latest trends, make sure you are using the appropriate hashtags, so the algorithm can help you out. The more specific hashtags are a lot less saturated, meaning there’s more chance your videos will blow up and reach a large audience.

@nutshellanimationsEver seen someone so DA BEWTIFOH? ##foryou ##fyp ##memes ##animation ##animationmeme ##comedy ##funnyvideos♬ SO DA BEAUTIFUL – LeendaDong


2. Engage with Your Followers Other Channels

This one is pretty cut and dry. Engagement builds a strong foundation and provides relatability. By replying to comments, or liking your followers’ posts, you are encouraging them to carry on engaging with your videos.

It is also important to try to get other channels and creators to engage with your account. These channels should be directly related to your content. Use hashtags to find similar accounts to your own (for example #beauty will come up with lots of influencers in that niche). You then want to get them to engage with you which can be achieved by several methods.

Firstly, brand partnership is a great way to get free promotion, for very little cost. If you are a company looking to promote your products to a relevant audience, get in touch with an influencer, send a product and ask them to make a small video on it.

For example, Guess, the popular clothing brand, has quickly amassed a following on TikTok by using influencers to wear their shirts in videos, and whilst doing the latest trends.

@youneszarouForgot to say “expecto patronum” ##yzfamily ##foryoupage ##fürdich♬ Originalton – ☠️ Deagal ☠️

Alternatively, duet with other user’s videos and try to put a twist on their content. This can create a two-way system, where people check out both your videos, led by comments comparing the two.

As proof of how well this works, a popular TikTok creator @h1t1 posted a video featuring a TV that hilariously could only display the Arby’s menu. The Arby’s team hopped onto this video which was quickly becoming viral and commented “we’ve been looking for this”! A thread of videos ensued and quickly became an anticipated storyline – and even accumulated in a new menu item, and Arby’s amassing over 5 million followers!

@h1t1oh no♬ h1t1 sound – john c

Finally, and we will touch on it more later, by creating trends/ challenges or sounds – you can get top influencers to hop on what you’re doing. This will bring their fans over to your content, and help drive interest. By collaborating with accounts with pre-existing audiences, you can join an existing base of people who share a common interest, and who all would be interested in your content. It is a great bet to help grow your own TikTok and your business.

3. Use the Latest Trends (and make them!)

Trends happen for a reason! Those reasons aren’t always clear at the start, and sometimes the reason is simply that a song is catchy, or a dance is fun to do. Whatever it is, people want more of it.

To do this, you need to know the latest trends and participate in them. A lot of users save hashtags and follow trends, as TikTok’s Content Trends Report showed. They want to see how everyone is reacting or recreating the trend. This need to experience more of something they like will drive eyes to your content. 

There are some problems with this, however. The latest trends tend to have already been followed by all the most popular users, taking the spotlight away from your account.

How can you get around this? Well, what is even better than following trends, is creating your own ones. Let’s look at some examples.

Chipotle was very successful in driving visibility and brand awareness when it created the challenge #GuacDanceOver 430 million videos were made in its 6-day run, which also helped orders with over 800,000 free sides of guacamole dished out on the day. The chain’s avocado usage even jumped 78% for National Avocado Day, July 31. 

@brentriveraWhen guacamole is free @chipotle when you order online/in-app on July 31st😍 ##GuacDance ##ad♬ The Guacamole Song – Dr. Jean


Now, an average business or influencer can’t achieve this sort of publicity – but what you can do is the same thing but on a smaller scale. 

For example, if you were a beauty brand, you could create a trend where users submit their best makeup with the theme of COVID-19 – and the winners get free products. This would help create a buzz around your brand, and grow the number of viewers on your TikToks – as well as be great brand marketing.

Similarly, smaller influencers could try to create the latest Dance Trends, or follow them as they just start to grow, try to reach a larger audience that way.

4. Optimize Your Schedule

Followers and viewers want to know when to expect content from the creators they follow. That’s why TV shows air at certain times and movies release on specific schedules. 

Set a schedule for when you will upload content so that your followers will be there when it arrives. On an app like TikTok, the specific time of day of your releases isn’t as important as the day you will release content. Most people follow a lot of channels.

On TikTok, when the users scroll through their feeds, the videos aren’t placed in order of release but according to indicators such as your interactions on other posts, or settings such as your location.

But there are times of the day when TikToks tend to perform better, as Influencer Marketing Hub found out after conducting a study.

The best times (in EST) for each day of the week are:

  • Mon: 6 am / 10 am / 10 pm
  • Tues: 2 am / 4 am / *9 am
  • Wed: 7 am / 8 am / 11 am
  • Thur: 9 am / *12 pm / 7 pm
  • Fri: *5 am / 1 pm / 3 pm
  • Sat: 11 am / 7 pm / 8 pm
  • Sun: 7 am / 8 am / 4 pm

The ones with asterisks are where there seems to be particularly high engagement. By posting at these times, your videos are more likely to perform well and reach a wider audience.


TikTok is popular right now and will be getting even more popular.

Be active on the platform and interact with other creators and your followers. Find the hashtags you want to use and know what people expect the content that has those hashtags to be. Keep your eyes on the trends and participate in them and keep a consistent schedule that your followers can become familiar with. With all this, you’re sure to go viral sooner or later, and start amassing a large following!


Author Bio

Jamie Ashley

Founder of ArXe Ventures, a Digital Marketing enthusiast. He owns several blogs including The  E-Commerce Entrepreneur, where he shares the latest tips on Social Media and SEO.