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Top 5 Feature Updates from Affable You Should Know About!

April 7, 2021 Posted by Artificial Intelligence, Influencer Marketing 0 thoughts on “Top 5 Feature Updates from Affable You Should Know About!”

Affable is one of the leading influencer marketing platforms that help brands run impactful data-driven influencer marketing campaigns. The AI algorithms that power Affable were built from the ground up by our team of software development talent, who is working constantly to update the platform with more useful and powerful features. 

Here are some of the biggest feature updates from Affable that can help brands achieve the best results when running influencer campaigns! 

1. Searching for Multi-channel Influencers 

Customers now don’t live on one social media channel alone. That’s why brands have been partnering with multi-channel influencers, which allows them to reach a much wider audience and ace their cross-channel marketing campaigns! 

Although searching for multi-channel influencers is a complex feature to integrate, our tech team managed to pull it off! Marketers can now identify creators who are active on different channels and see their social media profiles with just one click!


2. Calculating Unique Reach

Audience overlap is a common issue that occurs when the total campaign’s reach accounts for duplicates across audiences. This issue hinders a brand’s ability to reach more audiences and drive up its costs. 

So how to identify audience overlap in your campaign? At Affable, we help brands calculate and report the unique reach, not the total. For example, If influencer A has 100 followers and influencer B has 100, but they share 50 of them, the real reach will be 150, not 200 followers! By doing this, our tool helps marketers to value the influencers they are working with, as a group and individually. 


3. Exclusion Search

Exclusion search a minor feature update but can create a big impact! 

Brands can use Negative Search to avoid working with influencers who had mentioned or been sponsored by your competitor in the past. What’s more, you can also exclude certain interests and locations for greater precision. For example, you can search for influencers that mentioned Shopee but not Lazada, having followers in MY but not based in MY.   

This exclusion search, combined with other filters, makes Affable’s Influencer Discovery tool a cut above many of its competitors!


4. Integration of Trackable links

Including links in influencer’s content is a popular tactic used to track influencer’s performance. This helps brands not only measure the campaign’s impact but also optimize the budget by working with influencers bringing the best values for them.

By using Affable, marketers can create Trackable links for influencers and track clicks on those unique links! Instead of switching between Affable and other link tracking tools, brands can now measure their ROI in one platform. 


5. TikTok integration

Video marketing has witnessed the fastest growth in 2020 with the explosion of TikTok. While integrating a new social media platform to Affable is truly challenging, we tried our best to help brands manage and run successful campaigns on TikTok. 

Marketers can now search for TikTok influencers, vet audience quality, look for content inspiration and measure the effectiveness of your TikTok campaign on Affable!


Updated: Shopify Integration

Are you looking for a Shopify integration solution to drive and track sales generated by influencers? Our latest update Shopify Integration allows clients to create Shopify campaigns, assign codes for influencers, and measure Sales Generated Per Influencer as well as Total Sales!


Affable is a leading AI influencer marketing platform that helps brands discover authentic influencers, manage conversations, track campaigns and measure the ROI of their influencer campaigns – all in one place. 

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our features or request a free demo today!


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Virtual Influencers in Influencer Marketing: Creepy or Cool?

March 17, 2021 Posted by Artificial Intelligence, Influencer Marketing 0 thoughts on “Virtual Influencers in Influencer Marketing: Creepy or Cool?”

3 years from our first post on virtual influencers, the virtual influencer trend has quickly gained traction in the industry. Today, virtual influencers are widely used by brands to inspire and connect with Gen Z and Millenials. Luxury beauty brands have also hopped onto the bandwagon to come up with popular CGI influencers, using messages that are tailored to follow the sentiments of their target audience. However, with millennials, craving authenticity in the influencers they follow, is the use of virtual influencers meaningful or just plain creepy? Let’s explore more!

Benefits of using Virtual Influencers

By definition, virtual influencers or CGI influencers are fictional computer-generated ‘people’ who have the characteristics of human beings. With better CGI effects as technology advances, virtual influencers are becoming a powerful influencer marketing strategy for many brands. Here are some benefits of using virtual influencers: 

1. Awe and inspire audiences: Virtual influencers are highly effective as they help brands break out of the norm and connect with digital natives like Gen Zs. Despite being less authentic compared to a real-life influencer, brands that work with virtual influencers can often generate hype and conversations in their audience. In fact, research shows that virtual influencers’ engagement rate is almost 3x that of real influencers! In terms of purchase decisions, 55% of audiences on social media have made a purchase as a result of following a CGI influencer, while 53% have followed a brand and 52% have researched a brand.

2. Control over content: Brands that work with virtual influencers have complete control over what the influencer says and can tune the message to suit their brand image. There is also lesser risk compared to working with influencers that might post offensive or controversial content, leading to an influencer scandal. By eliminating the communication gap, brands can create relevant content that can appeal to their target audience and generate higher engagement rates. 

3. Cost-effectiveness: As virtual influencers can be created and modified with a few tweaks on the computer, brands are finding it more effective compared to working with real-life influencers. Brands that create their own virtual influencer are also able to extract long-term value from them as the influencer can build a loyal following for the brand. By having a virtual influencer as a brand ambassador, brands can also save the time and effort needed to negotiate rates with various influencers.  

Top Trending Virtual Influencers on Instagram 

So who are some of the top trending virtual influencers on Instagram? 

First up, we have Lil Miquela (@lilmiquela) who has been active since 2016 and is one of the first virtual influencers to shoot to fame. Currently, she has over 3 million followers and continues to capture the attention of Gen Z audiences with her relatable posts. As a snazzy 19-year old, Lil Miquela regularly hangs out with other real-life celebrities and even wears clothes from real labels like Nike and Supreme. She also supports the #BlackLivesMatter movement and LGBTQ+ causes. To top it off, she even mentions she has a Tinder profile in one of her recent posts where she is seen holding a dish in front of the camera.

Looking at her Instagram feed, it also seems like Lil Miquela is no different from any passionate and fun teenager on the streets. By using social listening and paying attention to trends that concern Gen Z, her creators have made her into the trendiest and most authentic teenager possible. In fact, virtual influencers seem so real that 42% of millennials and Gen-Zers have followed an influencer on Instagram without realizing that he or she is computer-generated, according to social media consultancy firm Fullscreen.


Xem bài viết này trên Instagram


Bài viết do Miquela (@lilmiquela) chia sẻ

Having an influencer that understands your interest is arguably what makes virtual influencers so popular and relatable today. Instead of being creepy, virtual influencers are actually cool as they look and sound just like the audience’s ideal best friend. 

Nearer to home, we have Rae ( who is created in Singapore and has over 2k followers on Instagram and 150k followers on Weibo. Posing at various iconic tourist attractions like Chinatown and Haji Lane, Rae brings her audience to explore the sunny island of Singapore with her. One of her posts also features her with influencers from Night Owl Cinematics, @gracelsyy and @joannalhs, chilling at a playground. Without taking a closer look, it is almost impossible to tell who’s the virtual influencer in the picture below. Can you tell?


Xem bài viết này trên Instagram


Bài viết do Rae 蕊 ( chia sẻ

Influencer marketing agencies are not the only ones coming up with virtual influencers. Luxury skincare brand, SK-II has also jumped on the bandwagon, partnering with AI company Soul Machines to create its first virtual influencer, Yumi. For SK-II, Yumi is an “integral part of its ongoing transformation journey to engage with the younger consumers who are yearning for more meaningful experiences with the brands they know and trust.”


Xem bài viết này trên Instagram


Bài viết do Soul Machines 👥 (@soul_machines) chia sẻ

Another brand that has come up with its own virtual influencer is…KFC! Taking over KFC’s Instagram feed, the virtual Colonel Sanders has been seen going on airplane rides, riding a horse, and even working out at a gym in pictures. Doing things out-of-the-ordinary has helped KFC achieve a breakthrough number of over 20k likes, with its viral hashtag –  #secretrecipeforsuccess By seeing their favorite Colonel “come to life”, audiences were definitely intrigued and hooked onto KFC’s social media page!


Xem bài viết này trên Instagram


Bài viết do Kentucky Fried Chicken (@kfc) chia sẻ

Working with Virtual Influencers

Yet, creating a virtual influencer for your own brand requires a high level of commitment, similar to brand ambassador programs. Moving forward, brands that are looking to work with virtual influencers can take note of these important points:

1. Crafting the right message is key

 As brands have control over how the virtual influencer is portrayed and what he or she says, audiences will attribute mistakes made to the brand instead of the virtual influencer. With this added responsibility, brands have to take extra care when crafting the captions. 

An example is the scandal involving popular CGI influencer, Lil Miquela, who detailed her “experience” of sexual assault in a rideshare. According to her, “ “I just feel this guy’s cold, meaty hand touch my leg as if he was confirming I’m real. His hand literally lingers there rubbing my skin,”. But of course, this incident never happened in reality as she is a virtual character! 

While it is important to create a virtual influencer that is authentic and relatable to the target audience’s experiences, brands also have to beware of possible backlash. In attempting to make Lil Miquela more relatable, the creators behind the character angered social media users instead. One wrote: “It’s a fabrication. A dangerous one. There are ways to make @lilmiquela relatable. This isn’t one of them.” Musician Kehlani also voiced her discomfort by calling Lil Miquela “ignorantly offensive”  Hence, this scandal is a perfect example of the need for brands to be mindful of their message and steer away from sensitive topics. 

2. Leveraging cost-effective rental agreements 

Is having a dedicated virtual influencer for your brand a seemingly unachievable goal? Don’t fret because there’s such a thing as rental agreements for virtual influencers! In fact, virtual influencers work in a similar way to real-life influencers, except that you will be liaising with the creator of the CGI instead! An example is the creative agency, Brud, which built the first CGI influencer Lil Miquela and other virtual influencers like Blawko and Bermuda. Instead of worrying about creating your own virtual influencer from scratch, try identifying and contacting potential virtual influencers to work with instead!

3. Understanding virtual influencers’ audience

As virtual influencers only rose to fame in the past couple of years, it is also important to understand virtual influencers’ audience demographics before working with them. Depending on the virtual influencers’ pre-set character, their following can also differ vastly from one another. 

To determine whether your campaign can reach its intended target audience,’s extensive influencer analytics platform offers insights into an influencer’s follower demographics. An example shown below is the follower growth and audience age distribution of a popular virtual influencer on Instagram. The data is fascinating as we can see a sharp increase in interest for virtual influencers at the beginning of 2020. Not only so, we can also confirm that the virtual influencer will be able to capture Gen Z’s attention, with most of her audience between 19-25 years old.


Getting powerful data-driven insights and a deeper understanding of virtual influencers’ effectiveness is important to brands that want to drive successful influencer marketing campaigns. With virtual influencers rising to fame, speak to us and request for a free demo if you’re interested to run a virtual influencer marketing campaign!  


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January 29, 2021 Posted by Artificial Intelligence, Influencer Marketing 0 thoughts on “TIKTOK ANALYTICS: 6 IMPORTANT METRICS FOR YOUR CAMPAIGNS”

There’s no denying that TikTok is a powerful platform to drive awareness and conversions for your business. As 51% of TikTok influencers are Gen Zs and Millennials, TikTok is a great opportunity for brands to expand their reach and drive active engagement with the younger generation on social media.

From choosing the right influencers to keeping track of their performance, there are important TikTok analytics that brands must know to optimize their campaigns. Just like running influencer marketing campaigns on other platforms, brands will have to find the right TikTok creators to reach the right target audience. Monitoring influencers’ performance and determining which influencers are producing results also becomes essential when it comes to influencer campaign management. 

Today, we’ll be looking at 6 metrics in total, broken down into 3 different categories – Influencer statistics, follower demographics, and campaign engagement. Let’s dive in now!

TikTok Influencer statistics

Influencer Engagement Rates

Engagement rate is one of the key performance indicators (KPIs) of a TikTok creator. Using our TikTok Influencer Analytics, you will find a set of comprehensive metrics to measure influencer’s engagement, including Average Plays, Average Comments, Average Shares, Average Likes and Suspicious Follower Rate. 

In general, we would recommend brands to collaborate with micro-influencers. According to our influencer marketing report, influencers with 10k-100k followers have the highest average likes and views on TikTok compared to other influencer tiers. It is also highly possible for brands to reach and engage millions in minutes as TikTok micro-influencers often have more views than their follower count.

For more information, read our full report here.

Followers Timeline

Followers timeline, together with suspicious follower rate, can help brands to measure the authenticity of an influencer. Timelines with sharp spikes suggest that influencers have earned a massive following in a short span. This phenomenon happens for several reasons such as hosting of giveaways, partnerships with big brands, influencer scandals or even buying fake followers. Regardless of the reasons behind, marketers should always be cautious when seeing these concurrent spikes above.

Engagement Timeline

Engagement timeline is another factor worth looking into when finding the TikTok influencers. Influencers with an engagement rate that is going downhill is not a good signal, even if they have had pretty good engagement rates in the past. It shows that either the content is less interesting over time or the influencer is currently not active enough to maintain his/her engagement.

Audience Demographics

With this metric, brands can understand the influencer’s audience based on their demographics such as age range, location and gender distribution. This metric can help brands to check if their audiences match the demographics of your target market. More importantly, it keeps marketers from wasting time and money on marketing to those who aren’t likely to be your customers.

TikTok Campaign’s Engagement

Campaign overview

When tracking your campaign’s performance, the first thing you should look into is the overall campaign results, which include Total Estimated Reach and Average Engagement Rate. From that you can calculate different metrics including CPM (Cost Per Mile), CPE (Cost Per Engagement) and CPV (Cost Per View).

According to Influencer Marketing Hub, TikTok organic engagement rates range from 3% to 9% based on their following. So in this case, an influencer campaign with an average engagement rate of 16% is a highly engaging campaign. 

Engagement breakdown

One of the most attractive metrics to measure campaign performance is the engagement breakdown for TikTok videos. By knowing what are the TikTok posts that have received high engagement rates, brands can identify which influencers are driving more value. Brands can also know whether their content strategy is working so as to get better ideas for future video marketing campaigns. 

Using Affable’s TikTok influencer campaign analytics platform and Content Discovery Tool, you can easily find the total reach and engagement for each video, together with estimated engagement rate in 4 different metrics: Views, Comments, Likes and Shares.

The results can also be exported into an Excel spreadsheet so you can easily keep track of your results and present it to your team.  

Bonus: Using Affable’s Content Discovery platform, you can also track your competitor’s performance on TikTok. Simply use our advanced filters to search for influencer’s content and you can see what kind of content your competitors are producing and how well they are engaging the audiences!


With the increase in demand for video content, brands have started jumping to the brandwagon and finding success by collaborating with TikTok influencers. Using Affable’s platform, brands will be given access to thousands of influencers on TikTok, make clever collaborations with them with our trusted influencer analytics, manage conversations and measure effectiveness – all in one place. 

Contact us now or request a free demo today to run high-impact influencer marketing campaigns on TikTok! 


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Discover influencer trends with affable

Discover Influencer Trends by Affable’s Content Discovery

March 13, 2020 Posted by Artificial Intelligence, Influencer Marketing 0 thoughts on “Discover Influencer Trends by Affable’s Content Discovery”

Why Content Discovery

Understanding current influencer trends in your region is crucial as it can provide you with insights about what kind of content influencers are posting on their Instagram and also helps strategize your brand’s message. However, we often see brands struggling by relying a lot on their own knowledge or spending plenty of time and manpower on doing research to find out!

With Affable’s Content Discovery Platform, you will be given the access to our massive instagram influencer database and generate quick result within a few clicks! All you need to do is using a selection of our filters to display the influencer trends that you are looking for. Our list of criteria include:

  • Interests
  • Hashtags used
  • Influencers’ handle
  • When was the image posted
  • Affiliated brands
  • Whether the post was sponsored or not
  • Country the image was posted in

When you run the search, the results are displayed on the basis of recency, the highest number of likes and comments. 

Why Affable’s Content Discovery 

Firstly, this tool can help identify engagement triggers on Instagram – search and social listening trends – to help you strategize your brand message.

You can also use our platform to do competitive research quickly with our massive instagram influencer database. For example, type in “#DanielWellington” in the Hashtag search and plug in the Date you want to see their sponsored content for. Use the Sorting tool then to display the results in the order of the highest number of likes. There you go!

Now you can see with great ease what are the influencer trends for Daniel Wellington in a specific period and location by using our platform!

Now you can see the influencer content for Daniel Wellington in a specific period of time

We also use advanced computer vision to find content for specific interest. When you search for ‘Excercise and Fitness’ in the Interest search, our algorithms scan all images uploaded by influencers to shortlist the pictures with this interest.

Influencer trends for "exercise and fitness" interest

Influencer trends for “exercise and fitness” interest


Using Affable’s Content Discovery gives you the access to our massive instagram influencer database and the opportunity to generate the best result from it. So take this chance and discover influencer trends within a few clicks!

Feel free to explore Affable’s Content Discovery here:


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Influencer marketing roundup

Influencer Marketing 2018 Round Up South East Asia

January 9, 2019 Posted by Artificial Intelligence, Influencer Marketing 0 thoughts on “Influencer Marketing 2018 Round Up South East Asia”

Year 2018 has been a phenomenal year for marketers in South East Asia. Over 1.5 billion active social media users have helped South East Asia catapult ahead and become one of the most sought after markets for social media influencer marketing.
We have complied influencer marketing metrics for 8 different countries in South East Asia and packaged them into a swanky report.

Download Now



Get the full report for South East Asia RIGHT NOW!

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influencer marketing in India

Influencer Marketing in India

December 12, 2018 Posted by Artificial Intelligence, Influencer Marketing 0 thoughts on “Influencer Marketing in India”

Influencer Marketing in India is on the rise, and for good reason: the right influencers can make or break a brand. It is no surprise that brands in India are joining in on the trend, but can they truly get the promised return on investment from their influencers?

The rising problem of Fake followers 

In India, there are over 30,000 India influencers (and counting!) in our instagram influencer database. By running our instagram influencer analytics, we acknowledged that there is a large number of influencers who have been using infamous ways to buy their Instagram followers. Do you know that a payment as little as ₹150 ($2.10) can earn you up to 1000 followers?

We all know that buying instagram followers is a bad idea. One of the reasons that influencer marketing works so well is the ability of influencers to create real impact over the purchasing behaviors of their fans. Once the audience itself is fake and can easily be purchased, little room for campaign effectiveness can remain.

How to tell if an influencer has bought followers?

One manual way to figure out if an influencer has purchased followers is by sifting through their followers. If you see something like the following then there is a high chance that the followers are paid for:


Similar account names, with stock imagery as profile pictures

As you can probably see, this process is highly manual and time-consuming. Luckily, at Affable, our machine learning algorithms do that for you! This is described in our previous post.

The good news

It’s not all gloom and doom. India has plenty of authentic, engaging influencers, and our advanced instagram influencer analytics can help you find them within a few minutes! Here is a food influencer that our search engine identified as having one of the highest engagement levels:

Sample analytics of @the_savage_lens on available on Affable

@the_savage_lens is a Pune based creator that takes gorgeous pictures of foods. Our analysis shows that he is one of the most engaging Indian influencers with an average engagement of 11%, which is several times higher than the 1.49% engagement of similar influencers. This, of course, is no mystery once you see how beautiful and well composed his posts are:

View this post on Instagram

This vadapav was ajajzbzbzbbzznnz….❣️ And I'm feeling ajsnsnznzn right now because a) I missed the deadlines for @platterjoy giveaway b) I'm not getting time to write a crazy good caption. So my dear dear sizzy, Nidhi, accept this entry of a Desi snack with a twist. The twist is that I made the Vada and everyone twisted after eating it because I misjudged the amount of spices. I know I'm awesome at cooking. No claps pls. 🙂 . Anywho, it's Wednesday… midweek and I've finally come home. My braveheart crossing 14 signals to go to office and another 14 to come back home. And typing this caption while waiting in between the ever growing traffic, pollution and population of Pune just to save a few minutes so that after coming home I can just post it ASAP because I gotta leave for work!🥂 . Ah! Wasn't I just back from one? Yeah, that was the one which pays my bills. This is the one which pays for my smiles. Yes, you might have guessed it right – Photography. I'm finally visiting a place I've always loved. Which place is that? Well.. keep checking the stories for details. 🐿️ . I'll roast you if you find typos 🦅

A post shared by Sameer | Food Photos (@the_savage_lens) on

Now the only question remains, how can you find influencers as engaging as this man to spread the word about your brand?

Find the right influencers with our instagram influencer analytics

At Affable, we have built cutting-edge machine learning algorithms to help brands detect fake followers and make the right decision based on reliable statistics. More than that, we are also an influencer campaign platform that helps brand measure the true reach other influencer marketing campaigns.

Sign up free today and search among 30,000+ Indian Instagram influencers here:

Free Trial. Easy setup. Cancel anytime.


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Detect Fake Instagram Followers using AI

November 22, 2018 Posted by Artificial Intelligence, Influencer Marketing 0 thoughts on “Detect Fake Instagram Followers using AI”

How do you know if the influencers you have in mind are truly authentic?

More than ever before, brands are all bringing up concerns about the authenticity of social media influencers. Due to many infamous ways of buying Instagram followers, follower count is not enough to measure an influencer’s popularity as it can be artificially inflated. That’s why influencer marketing tools like are born to provide brands with data-driven analytics and make their decision-making more precise and efficient.

So, how can brands detect those fake followers and find the right influencers for their influencer marketing campaigns? 

Detecting Fake Followers Manually

It is quite simple to check whether an account is suspicious or not. Let’s look at the profile below. – The number of posts and the staggering following-to-follower ratio clearly indicates that this is a dummy account. Despite how easy it sounds like, this method is time-consuming and quite impossible to implement as you can not check thousands of followers in an influencer’s account!

Screenshot from Instagram with fake followers

Using AI to Detect Fake followers 

At Affable, you will be given access to our extensive Instagram influencer database and find authentic influencers in no-time. Influencers with a high percentage of suspicious followers may be an indication that they are using questionable techniques to inflate their numbers. According to our Instagram influencer analytics, on average, an influencer account has from 5% – 15% suspicious followers.

If this is not enough, our algorithm also looks at other criteria to gauge its authenticity. You can easily check their engagement rate which is a critical factor as it measures the level of interaction from followers for the content created by influencers. You can also compare their engagement rate with other similar influencers to choose the best influencer for your campaign!


Another statistic worth looking into is Follower Growth over Time. Sharp spikes typically suggest that the account achieved a mass-following in a short span. These spikes happened for several reasons such as giveaways, partnerships with big-name brands, influencer scandals or buying fake followers. Regardless of the reasons behind, marketers should always be cautious when seeing concurrent spikes as below.

Screenshot of an influencer's profile on Affable showing fake followers

Besides providing analytics on existing influencers, Affable also allows brands to add new profiles into our Instagram influencer database. By clicking on a particular influencer, their complete profile will be immediately added to our platform and delivered to your email in minutes!

To help brands find the right influencers for their campaigns, we also provide other insightful statistics such as influencer’s brand affinity, audience demographic, audience’s brand affinity, and so on. With a massive Instagram influencer database together with machine learning algorithms, Affable is one of the best influencer marketing platforms to help brands Run High Impact Data-Driven Influencer Marketing Campaigns.

For more information and features on Affable, check them out on and sign up for a free trial today!


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Affable : AI solution to scale word-of-mouth marketing

June 18, 2018 Posted by Artificial Intelligence 0 thoughts on “Affable : AI solution to scale word-of-mouth marketing”

Over the last couple of years, marketers have shifted their marketing budgets towards micro influencers on Instagram. As brands can get as much as 20% ROI and be able to engage with  a niche audience with lesser costs, micro-influencer marketing is an ideal strategy to invest into and make the best of influencer marketing benefits.

The current process of finding and working with micro-influencers on instagram is highly manual, time-consuming and full of guesswork. Marketers spend days manually searching through hashtags finding for a relevant user, and then based on vanity metrics like number of followers & asking friends, they decide whom to engage.

Affable is an end-to-end platform that help marketers discover authentic influencers in our micro-influencers database, engage and measure effectiveness of influencer marketing campaigns.


As one of the best influencer platforms, Affable is built on computer vision algorithms to profile micro-influencers on Instagram through their images. We scan public Instagram content to gauge user-interest from their images and videos. If you can’t find an influencer on our platform, no problem! We allow all users to add new influencer to our micro-influencers database: Just click analyze on a non-existing influencer, and their complete profile will be delivered to your email in minutes!

Example of a fashion influencer

Example of a fashion influencer



The problem of bots and fake-accounts has plagued social media, and lots of Instagram influencers seem to have a surprisingly high number of suspicious followers. With Affable, you can determine influencer’s true reach by checking their suspicious followers:

An example of buying followers on Instagram

An example of fake engagement on Instagram


Additionally, you probably don’t want to work with influencers who used to partner with your competitors as it goes against influencer marketing benefit, right? We can help you avoid such incidence by listing down all the brands that influencers have worked with before. It also shows whether the post was sponsored or organic, when the image was posted and links to those posts for further reference.

Checkout other reasons why Influencer Brand Affinity should be added to your influencer marketing strategy!



Affable’s post-campaign analytics helps marketers determine the true reach — the persona of the audience that engages with the influencer content. This helps marketers not only measure the reach of the current campaign but also helps them decide which micro influencers to work with, in the future.


Our vision is to empower anyone — from a homepreneur to an enterprise — with tools that can scale their word-of-mouth marketing requirements. We strongly believe that technology can make it possible, and at Affable we are building that technology that unlocks scale in word-of-mouth marketing and exploit the best of influencer marketing benefits.

To access our massive micro-influencer database and get an early sneak-peak into Affable, register for early access at or write to us at