Affable Weekly Insights 2 July- 9 July

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We crunched data on Instagram for Singapore Influencers and here are some weekly insights that you may find useful:

Brand With The Most Sponsored Posts

Alcen Nero takes the prize in the most number of influencer campaigns this week. AlceNero’s organic products were promoted by 2 influencers to increase brand awareness.

@dressacake shared a recipe for a detox drink which is a great way to advertise a product indirectly. It’s quite dull and uninspiring when an influencer posts a picture with a basic comment such as ‘Buy this; neither will his/her followers gain anything nor will the brand gain with such a campaign. The below post does a good job marketing the product in a subtle and useful way.


@miss_teatime_sg shared a creative use of Alce Nero’s organic jam which caught a lot of eyeballs!


Post With The Highest Engagement

@ashlynthia’s giveaway post for Soul Singapore gets the highest engagement this week. The post received 561 likes and 2903 comments at the time this post was written. A giveaway is a great way to increase brand awareness, engagement and it doesn’t hurt when it involves cute babies!

Top 4 influencers in Order of Engagement:

  1. With 7095 followers, parenting influencer @ashlynthia received 1405 likes and 2829 comments on her posts last week.weekly insights influencer
  2. Travel bloggers, @themerriedlife received 3805 likes and 646 comments of their 13,230 followers.
  3. Dancer @alifaircho received 3749 likes and 334 comments of his 12,243 followers.
  4. With 3414 likes and 346 comments of her 6479 followers, @fruityemz was the fourth most influential last week.

Influencer News

Singapore Kindness Movement has launched a new 2018 campaign encouraging the local community to go beyond random acts of kindness, and think of individual and collective characters and values. Supplementing traditional advertising, the campaign is also being shared by influencers such as Fandi Ahmad and Wong Li Lin among others.

Read about it here.

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